Sunday, 30 May 2010

Small Ones, Tall Ones Some as Big as Your Head.....Part 2

Second day with my potion bottles. I had filled them with everything that came to hand, they had hardened nicely and now I had to finish off the jars. I had tried making lids before and had not had a lot of luck. I just could not get the circles to stay still long enough for me to tie the cord around. They seemed to have a complete life of their own. I then received some very good advice with regards to type of cord, material and how the fabric should be dampened first.
I realised on being given all this help that the mixed fabric that I had bought was too thick and even dampened was not suitable. Plus all the cord, twine and ribbon I had collect was either too wide or too thick. Off to Hobbyland for embroidery thread in witchy colours. While I was at Sainsbury's I had and epiphany...Really cheap dishcloths looked to be ideal for my lids, cost 49p (please don't bring up the collection of now defunct fabric quarters...).
I got them home and they were perfect, stretchy, easy to cut,muslin looking and 49p for loads!!
I set too with food colouring and coffee to stain them and left them over night. The jars that had lids I decorated with embroidery thread and the labels I had made using coffee stained photo paper and vintage labels found on the internet. Some of the edges I burned using joss sticks which was easier than using a lighter I discovered. I sealed all the labels too with two coats of spray gloss varnish.
The dish cloths turned out nicely when wrung out the next day and sat as good as gold when I hung them over the top of each jar. No flipping or sliding at all. I then cut round each square of cloth to make the circle. The jars above are the largest I have made and I think they are my favourites.
I have quite a collection now but I am learning that a lot seems to only go a little way when stocking witch scenes and I have my lotions and potions department to stock as well as the kitchen in my witch house.
Mistakes to avoid? Using rock salt and red hot scenic water, guess what? they melt....duh! Spending days and nights making labels that are far too big for anything but the largest of jars because you didn't check against the jars! Grrrr.... Mixing up the lids of your jars and then having to sort them all out and still getting it wrong.
I have enjoyed making these though and would now like to fill some with specific fimo or paper clay items, bones, fingers, eyeballs, tongues etc. Next week maybe!


  1. YOU have been busy Janice! You've done loads! I've been collecting jars, and I need to fill loads. I love the bigger bottles that you've done. :o)

    As further ideas, you can also dye muslin (with watered down acrylic paint) as it's very fine, this might be easier to use on the smaller bottles that you have and you can always use only one or 2 of the strands of tread (embroidery, rather than the whole thickness).

    I've been working on Hogwarts today and got in a right mess with super glue, PVA and Art Mache, I couldn't feel my finger tips they were so messy! lol

    Michelle xx

  2. Hi Michelle forgot to say the big ones are the jars from Range. Really impressive looking aren't they. Great for floors and window displays.

  3. The 'dish cloths' look just fab as jar coverings (and I certainly won't mention the fat quarters - my lips are sealed!).

    Your range of potions, etc is such fun :)

  4. Thank you Norma, thank goodness my husband doesn't read this!

  5. ¡Han quedado geniales! que cantidad de tarritos y todos son a cual mas bonito,saludos

  6. un surtido de pociones muy completo y los botecitos estan muy bonitos

  7. Great stuff and so many at once! Not to mention so many colours:) I like the lids - great idea of using materials - but I guess I am not that patient to make them ;)

  8. Busy bee you! Dish cloths are a fab idea, work really well. Fiddly job filling jars but all the hard work pays off. Where did you buy the jars Janice they look good quality? Look forward to seeing them all in situ in your houses, KAte xx

  9. Janice the jars look great. You can also use bandage for jar lids as that's also very fine and takes dyes..xx

  10. Una maravilla de pociones, me encantan como han quedado de lo mas real
    besitos ascension

  11. Thanks for the tips ladies, bandages sound a good way to change textures for the next batch.
    A potion department sounded such a good idea but I didn't realise how many it would need!

  12. I adore your jars Janice, specially the way you made the labels look old and added detail to the lid covers.


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