Saturday, 22 May 2010

The List and Kensington Part Two......

In the excitement of sunshine on the outside and potion bottles on the inside I had forgotten to post the photos of the other items I was lucky enough to buy at the Kensington Festival. Here goes.....The super hatstand and pumpkins are by Nikki of course, aren't the flasks fab. The gardening tools and sleepy mandrake will be at home in the potting area of my witch house.
I also got a selection of bottles and flasks from Nikki. The dragon skin ones will probably go in my shop but they are so great I really want them in the witch kitchen fully on display. Below are a dragon crate complete with bones, eggs and dragon blood, a frog dissection board and one of the packets of dragon skin I bought. I am so pleased that Nikki had so many smaller items on her stand because it meant I can add her pieces all around the house. I think Michelle already spied one in the bathroom. My wish list said 'anything from Nikki Rowe' so that's another tick for me.
The next items should have been on the list don't know how I managed to forget them, David Ward's super cast iron cats. I bought two sets for different houses they have such friendly expressions.
Now what about this great set of wood working tools for my dolls house maker in my toyshop, not on the list again but in my defence they are a necessary purchase. I will probably add some paint and sawdust but they were a good price and will provide a base for the wood working table. They are from Pride of Plaice who specialise in food but always have a few extra interesting items.
These fun items are all from Sally Reader Miniatures who specialise in tiny figures of all different types. I couldn't resist these for my toy shop as they bring back happy childhood memories. They have a lot of detail considering how tiny they are and will stand out brilliantly on the shop's shelves. I can see myself  collecting a few more of these for the toy shop.
And characters from the absolutely best programme ever - The Magic Roundabout.
Lastly, when I posted my lists I received a comment saying that there should be one surprise item that I should buy because it called to me, well this is it. I saw him earlier in the afternoon but my budget was tapping me on the shoulder saying, 'Wait and see how many pennies you have left' So I was a good girl and did what I was told, which surprised me and would certainly have surprised my husband had he been there!
So after I had made all the previous purchases I counted my very depleted cash and discovered I had enough with £2.00 to spare, fate I thought. And here he is.....
How fabulous is he?! The photos really don't do Sarah's wonderful artistry justice, her cats really do seem to move they are so beautifully crafted believe me he is cat royalty personified, I know he is looking down his nose at me. I have put him in the house at the moment but I think he will live in the shop as I can see him looking down on all the customers who have the cheek to enter his shop!
I know Julie of Bellabelle also purchased a lovely sleeping cat from Sarah of Pocket People who is just purrfectly at home in her Toy shop.
On another subject, 'Going Postal' by Terry Pratchett on Sky 1 next weekend. Hmmmm, haven't enjoyed the others so I will be interested to see how they deal with this book.


  1. Wonderful items, your choices are perfect, I love them all and I agree, when you go to a big show, you should buy that one thing that calls to you and your cat is absoloutely fabalous :0)
    Julia xxx

  2. These are all wonderfull...but the magic roundabout and the black cat both made me smile loads:O)
    Nikkis work is also fab and wish i could have been at Kenin person to see it all...maybe next time:O)

  3. Fantastic treasures! The cat is just fab!

  4. Fabulous - thanks so much for posting these pics! Love the pumpkin bottles!! And the black cat, so superior!.

    I was brought up on Noddy, my sister and I are still arguing over our 26 books - just because she's older than me she thinks they're hers!!
    I also loved Catweazle, Worzel Gummidge, The Magic Roundabout, Captain Pugwash, Felix the Cat, The Famous Five and most of all Noggin the Nog.
    Thanks for the memories!

  5. Fab stuff you've gotten, the cat is fabulous :)


  6. Glad you have enjoyed the photos ladies.

    Hi Glenda, this lady's work is like stepping back 40 years or more for me and she is always introducing new groups of characters. I think she might be replacing my teapot lady!
    Her website only shows a fraction of her work and she was fascinated when I asked if it was ok for me to show her pieces on my blog.

  7. Me again - I'm reading 'Making Money' at the mement, and I agree that Terry Pratchett books don't (so far) transfer to telly very well. It's all in the mind - headology - and accumulative when you're reading.
    Nought like a good book, I always say!

  8. Hi Glenda, my problem with the tele versions is they make the characters into caricatures which is not how I have ever seen them in the books.
    Isn't it supposed to be a parallel world not some sort of strange fairy tale land? Don't start me off!
    Have sent you an email tonight hope it arrived ok.
    Off to bed I think.

  9. Fabulous Purchases. Love the little Toys they are brilliant, Noddy, Big Ears, Brian, Florence, Zebedee and Dougal.
    The Cats are lovely, but your right the bottom one is superb. Glad you managed to get what you wanted from Nikki, she's listing on Etsy this evening. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. xxx

  10. Thanks for showing us your other purchases, Janice :) I loved them all, but the elegant black cat is superb -- I can see why it called to you! Good on you for not resisting ... ;)

  11. Aww I‘m so glad that you got a hat stand Janice! Isn't it fab? I liked it too, but had no suitable home for it, but now it does! I LOVE the cats (I didn't have time to look, will next time) and the Magic Roundabout toys. It just shows what a great fair it was as we've all managed to come home with diverse buys! :o)) Fabulous Janice!!

    Michelle xxx

  12. The hat stand is wonderful and I stood for a few moments not being able to make a decision between that one and the red one I bought as this would have gone in the house well too. And I love those pumpkin style wiggly bottles I didnt see them! Love all the other goodies too and look forward to seeing them all in place in the wonderful house, Kate xx

  13. what a wonderful selection of goodies you bought :o) I absolutely love the hatstand! Niki's work is amazing right now.
    oh and the buying of "one item not on this list that shouts Buy Me!" ... that'll be my fault then LOL and a very wise purchase it was too, very noble looking and the most un-greebo like cat EVER! LOL
    talking of Pratchett...I shall be sulking tonight as I cant get/pick up sky1 :o( boohoohoohoo

  14. Wonderful items! I think my favorite are the twisted flasks!
    And I just loved the way you've done the bathroom. The stacks of books and candles and the bathtub... I'm just loving your project. :)

  15. Hi Michelle, I thought that when I saw all your fabulous furniture, I don't remember seeing that stand at all!
    All of us seem to have chosen wisely but all have that liitle extra item to really enjoy.
    Hope you are feeling better although this heat makes working in the garden tricky!

  16. Hi Debbie and Kate, been a very bad girl and bought another couple of small pieces from Nikki - well the next Kensington Fair is November.
    Tried to get you a set of the pumpkin flasks Kate but thins were flying off the shelf too quick for me.

  17. Thank you 'Dangerous', Wendie and Maia for your really encouraging comments. I have really enjoyed this project although at times it seems never ending.
    Maia your beautiful shoes are next to the witch's bed and look just right.
    Wendie, I think your advice was very wise as it made me think twice about buying a couple of completely wrong items because I was thinking of my cat......

  18. Wicked items, Nikki's work is fab. I love the cats too what a lovely collection of items.

  19. Nikki is amazing isnt she?
    such unusual bits and pieces she makes! you have quite a haul there!


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