Thursday, 27 May 2010

Aren't I a Lucky Girl?......

At last my camera is fully charged so I can show you the fantastic selection of baskets made for me by Glenda of Peppercorn Minis. I asked for witchy colours and these fit the bill perfectly for both my house and shop. They are beautifully made and so cute. Glenda also kindly included one of her weaved mats and a some extras which are much appreciated. This is one of the many things I love about Blogland, that I can make contact with a lovely lady in New Zealand who shares my passion for minis. What a great way to share expertise. Much apreciated Glenda not only for your generosity but for taking so much trouble when you are about to move home.

And then today I get a package from a little nearer home! Nikki of Witch & Wizard Miniatures put the items she had left from KDF, very few following her huge success, on Etsy Sunday night. I really should not have looked know how that song goes! Well here are the great pieces that I really shouldn't have.....The chimenea was one of the items I didn't buy at KDF as I bought the hatstand but there was only one left and I thought it would be fab for my potions and lotions department in Witch E.T.Grubb's shop. The photos do not really do it justice it has a great shape and texture plus the coals really glow beautifully. Then I had to buy another pumpkin to go with my other one, I actually wanted to but everything was going so quickly I couldn't get my fingers going quick enough! The pumpkin bird box is really cute,I missed these completely at the show so I was really pleased to be able to buy one of these.
The dragon skull is for the shop, it is so unusual and perfectly crafted, a super item. Then I found this mandrake sack and two of Nikki's lovely bead flasks. Oh no I thought Nikki has mixed up my order. I contacted her straight away and discover that this lovely, generous artist had included them for me as gifts because she thought they were seconds so would not be happy selling them. How unbelievable is that!
And by the way Nikki's idea of a second is a perfectly gorgeous item in anybody else's book.
So I have been a very lucky girl this week, being shown such kindness and generosity by two lovely people.
Thank you both very much.


  1. You got some fabulous stuff there! I bought one mouse sack and pumpkins that weren't "prima" by Nikki's standards - they are for sure something that I can't never make :)

  2. Im so pleased you got treated too Janice you deserve too! i love the chiminea and knew if I looked id be tempted so stayed away lol, but glad you got one, its fabulous!
    The little bags are so wonderful too , lovely colours! Well done you! Kate xxx

  3. Thanks ladies, the kindness and generosity I have discovered in Blogland has really knocked me for six.
    In the real world I seem to only have to drive done my road before someone is moaning at me. And I am not that bad a driver honestly!

  4. Thanks for the link,Janice - glad the baskets arrived safely.

    Great treats from Nikki - I had some fun buying her treasures on Etsy, too.

  5. Oh you are sooo lucky! I was watching, Nikki's stuff really was going like hotcakes when she started posting on Etsy. Lovely items!

  6. Great treasures!You really are a lucky girl :)

  7. I'm also lucky to have some of Glenda's baskets, the perfection is incredible for something so small.

    How amazingly kind of Nikki. You are right, there is an incredible amount of generosity amongst bloggers that has to be experienced to be believed.

  8. Las compras son muy bonitas y me alegra que tambien recibiera los regalos ,verdaderamenta hay personas magnificas

  9. Unas compras preciosas y los regalos maravillosos, enhorabuena!!!

  10. Hi Norma, Glenda's baskets are fab aren't they. I am so pleased with them.

    Hi Lorraine. Gosh you have got to be quick on the keyboard to be able to buy Nikki's work. Exciting though!

  11. Ola Ascension y Sagrario,
    Tuve una sorpresa agradable. Los regalos son fantastico. El gente en Blogland es muy generoso y util


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