Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Introducing Fifi....

Isn't she wonderful. I was one of the lucky winners of Tallulah Belle's fabulous giveaway. Not surprisingly I chose one of her fantasy plants and she arrived today. She is simply gorgeous and will fit perfectly into my potting area.
Plus she came with some yummy chocolates which I have just eaten all to myself. Mmmmmm. Thank you Tallulah I adore her.
The postman also brought an order from Kat the Hat. Some of her cute shoes that she has just started making plus a little hat for me to decorate. The shoes are really funky and will suit my witch perfectly. You can't see very well in the photograph but the shoes on the right are decorated with tiny silk bats.
I have also been busy making a few things as well as collecting. I felt the need for scrolls and parchment so that I have them ready to hand, also I now have all this embroidery thread! So out came the joss sticks again.
They have come out quite well and I am sure I will find a place for them. I am up to speed mostly now so I think I will begin dressing the kitchen tomorrow. Plus I now have a few extra bits to go in the other rooms.


  1. Aren't they adorable :0) Fifi is wonderful, just like my Fliss. I didn't share my chocies either lol
    Julia xx

  2. Hi Julia, sent your package today I hope it has a few things you will enjoy.

  3. Fifi the fantastic she is beautiful and Im proud to own my own floozy now too they are fab!! Love the little documents Janice .Ive been making some too but my printer is playing up and everything is coming up dull and dark. Yours look beautifully colourful! Kate xx

  4. Es una simpática flor tan sonriente, felicidades por el regalo.

    It is nice so smiling flower, congratulations for the gift.


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