Thursday, 13 May 2010

Exterior Part 2.....

The ground floor of this house is ideal for storage, a potting area and animals. I tiled the floor with very thin vinyl floor tiles from Homebase that I cut to size and then stuck to a painted floor. The area was quite large and this was a very economical way to do it. I had these left over from a previous project so they were almost free!
The four large supports I surrounded with some of the balsa to make flower/herb beds and as you know I have been working on these and the climbers recently. I have only finished one so far. I think by adding these beds it has been given a bit of extra colour.
I have a log fire at the front on which I hope to construct a hanging cauldron and the wheelbarrow was a really cheap whitewood buy stained and filled with mini dried pumpkins from Hobbycraft.

The boxes of goodies were in my huge Ebay lot that I bought ages ago and the veggie stand is from Apollo Miniatures simply stained. None of these things are completely finished but I like to set things out at this stage in order to get a feel for the scene.

The stairs leading up to the front door were your basic dolls house stairs and I covered them with stained thin balsa. I have not put in a banister because I have not worked out how to install a stair banister without hours of complete aggravation! They are usually an absolute pain in the backside.
The rail at the top is a bit clumsy so I think I will change that using thinner posts.
I love the little log store and have piled a few bits in for the moment along with a lovely barrel from Miniatura. Plus I am sure you can spot the fab pump from Little Homes of England.
Eventually I want a lot more ivy, climbing plants and herb pots here to make it look a little more lived in and softer.
I have placed a few of my pots around just to see how they look. Aren't the sunflowers super, from kits by Templewood Miniatures. As you can tell there is still much to do but I am done to the pretty bits now which are so nice to do.
When I got this kit I was really unaware how big the project would be, but the good thing has been that its size has made me try different methods and to start making more items of my own simply because of the cost of filling a house of this size.
I have used lots of unfinished wood furniture for example although I wish there was a little more variety of tables. I have also played with ways of staining and distressing and made lots of mistakes from which I have learned what I can do and what is beyond me.
The bad thing is you start looking at other houses from past projects and start thinking 'Mmmmmm that would look much better if.......'
Many of my ideas and inspiration has come from miniature Blogland and I would like to thank all of you from Blogs I follow for being so generous with your ideas and help. I have really benefited from all your work and experience.
Anyway off to Kensington tomorrow which will be a welcome relief from the Spanish exam I have been preparing for and will be taking in the morning. My list is ready to be trashed after the first half an hour! No I will be good but I loved the idea of choosing the one thing that really calls to me. I have an hour to persuade the husband, while he is watching England win in the cricket, that it really is time he treated me to something really nice - even if I do not yet know what it is, where it will go and how much it will cost......Wish me luck! 


  1. Love the scene you are making! So summery!
    I especially like the sunflowers!

  2. I have just found your blog and thought I was looking at photos of your real house, it is so good. Love the potted sunflowers.

  3. I'm really enjoying wandering around your house - it's delightful!!

  4. It looks so nice, I love all the little details and the overall shape of the house is so nice :)

    You have a wonderful time in Kensington and hope that England won so he will be in a good mood to buy you a treat :D


  5. ¡Esta quedando preciosa! enhorabuena

  6. I wish you good luck :-))
    Thanks for the nice pictures, it all looks beautiful
    groetjes Ingrid

  7. We are all set! I love everything I want to get me some of those sunflowers for my witches cottage and Snow House too, were they really tricky to do The little lean too really adds to the house and I love the flower beds youve made. I always think colour is great in witchy and haunted projects instead of just lots of dull grungy colours so your house is going to be one of my favs! Looking forward to seeing what goodies you buy. Kate xx

  8. I think that when your glamouous witch takes up residence she will be very happy indeed! its just such a cheery welcoming home with all the sunflowers outside, not all witches have to be dark & gothic and its so refreshing to see a colourful witchy home :o)

  9. Wow it is great, very beautyfull!


  10. Back from Kensington, exhausted but had a lovely time.
    Thank you for all your lovely comments.
    I wish my house was as exciting as this!

    The sunflowers were from a kit and were really easy to make.

    And yes England one so I did get my special treat. He's a good ol' boy!

    Photos tomorrow....

  11. Enhorabuena, esta genial!!!!
    He tenido que mirarlo dos veces para ver que era mini, preciosa!!!
    besitos ascension

  12. OOh Janice can't wait to see what you brought at Kensington. Been looking at Kate's blog and Kat's today, to see what they brought. Glad to hear you had a lovely day. Spoke to Nikki last night, she was really pleased to meet everyone yesterday. xx

  13. Wow I love your house it's fantastic I am so jealous ha ha! :-)


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