Thursday, 6 May 2010

It's The Postman.....

I just love it when I look on the mat and instead of a 'While You Were Out Card' - where was I? In the garden? In the shower? Watching you disappear out of the window? but I was most definitely not out - there are lots of mini parcels. Armed with sugar puffs, cup of tea and a pair of scissors I begin my day in the best way. Husband was out too which meant I could open my packages guilt free, funny how I have swapped hiding another black pair LKBennett shoes for distressing ink and another Ebay must have!!
My first package was from the indefatigable Ira of Merry Jingle. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win Ira's giveaway and here are my gifts. Cup cakes for my bakery, red and white items for my modern emporium, some flowers,soap and chocolate plus some super multi coloured skull beads. What a generous and thoughtful gift. I absolutely love the skulls and three have already found a place in my witch house. They are all sitting on a beautiful blanket/throw.
Thank you so much Ira.
This was my second package. Isn't he wonderful? I won him on Ebay and he is by the talented Ann Galvin I have placed him in my witch's potting area. I will probably add some corn or something to the urn.
 And just look at these........wrapped hanging vampire bats, how cool are they. Made by one of my favourite Ebay sellers Jenny and Mike Kelm. These will definitely be hung from the roof of the potting area I love them.
I should have started dressing the kitchen today but I have struggled with inspiration. Plus I am off to Kensington on the 14th so I may wait to see what interesting items I find there. Nikki of Witch and Wizard Miniatures is debuting and I now she will have many items of interest both to buy and inspire.
Before I go to a big exhibition I like to sort through what I have to hand so that I know what I need to buy and what is on my wish list. Strangely enough my wish list is far longer than my 'need' list. So this will be a rummage week where I get everything out, see what is of definite use in current and future projects. Then I pack it all away again - ahhh a morning well spent.


  1. What a wonderful start to your day!

    Ira's keeping the postal service busy all over the world at the moment!

  2. And in the face of all our volcanic ash! I wish my time management was half as good!

  3. I'm sure that Ira has a couple of twins working with her!! How does she manage to be everywhere?? She makes such fun minis, and is very generous!

  4. Good that the package found its way to you and I'm happy that you like the minies :) And I was a bit unsure about the skulls but after seeing your withcy trees I thought that they would have some use :)


  5. Another Ira's masterpieces:))))
    Aaaa!!!! Vampire bats! I love the idea:))))

  6. Hi Janice , great goodies!Im at KDF on the 14th too! So are Kat and Michelle that I know of. If you see someone in a bright red coat with a little girl with long hair come say hi !! Im hoping to get some things from nikki for my witches house xx

  7. I will certainly look out for you at Nikki's or Julie's stand. Although when I went at Christmas it was such a scrum I struggled to see anything.
    Hopefully as it's a three day show it won't be quite so bad.
    I have written my list today....

  8. Armed with sugar puffs lmao.

    I love it all but those dragon pots are just the best. I remember having full sized ones similar to those in the house when I was a kid. Welsh pottery perhaps...we went to Tenby every single year :-)

  9. Hi Tallulah, I think you might be right about the Welsh influence as I remember this type of dragon from my trips to Wales as a child too. The maker, Ann Galvin of Elf Studio makes some really cute pieces.

  10. I was watching that dragon pot! He's lovely, can't wait to see him in situ! I have some little dragons from Tenby! We are only an hour or so drive away from there. I must get some more and do a blogland swap for them. I open my parcels when hubby is out too ;0) lol
    Julia xxx

  11. Hi Julia, the things we have to do! It's funny now when I see things and I think 'Ah so that's who out bid me.....'
    Definitely a good idea about the dragons


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