Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Chippendale I Am Not but.......

My new best friend is balsa wood, it may not be fit for a classic piece of Georgian architecture but it is working a treat for me at the moment. I love that I can just pick up all shapes and sizes from my local Hobbycraft, that it is so easy to cut, sand and glue, but mostly cos I end up with lots of off-cuts that I can make furniture with. Then they are really free - aren't they?!
Here are my first attempts at making pieces, as they are for the potting area of my witch's house they are supposed to look rustic - which is just as well I hear you cry! Made from bits of balsa and pieces of bannister that I did not use in my house kit. I am well chuffed.
and dressed.
Then while I was basking in my glory I came across this site My Hand Made Hobbit House and went to bed dreaming of underground houses. Have a peek it is absolutely awesome.


  1. Balsa is darned useful for lots of things! I love that it's so easy to cut.

    Thanks for the other link :)

  2. Your shelves look great! I love balsa wood, too, and for similar reasons :) It's a good thing my current dolls' house is a medieval/Tudor one, where a bit of rusticity comes in handy!

  3. Thanks ladies, that's what's so great about working in miniture, rough edges can be so easily hidden while real life decorating.....!

  4. brilliant janice, I love a bit of rustic balsa LOL cant do wood working for toffee but give me some balsa offcuts and hey presto, its wonderful stuff :0)
    julie xx

  5. And you can hide a multitude of sins!
    See you at Kensington with my ever growing wish list!


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