Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Just Because You Asked........

Here are the mannequins that some of you glimpsed through the windows of my Sid Cooke shop. This is the black collection front and back view. Every witch need an LBN!
The wicked witch outfit was made for me by Simply Silk, the one at the back was an Ebay buy and the rest were made by Ebay seller Ickle_Co a very talented and helpful lady.
Here they are I hope you like them.
My Spanish witches
Classic purple witch outfit
The well-dressed wicked witch
The Water Witch

Definitely the witch you would not want arriving at the ball!
The Flower Witch
As you can tell my Witch Emporium is definitely in the promland of costumes! I want to have shoes for each dress and either a matching broom or hat. I can't believe that out of the huge collection of hats I have from Kat, Debie and my lovely Dutch lady I am still don't have a hat for each dress. Ho hum that's minis for you.
Hope you enjoyed this Debbie and that you feel much better in the morning.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures Janice. I'm loving the Well Dressed Wicked Witch, The Water Witch and The Black and the Purple. They are wonderful. xxxx

  2. Now you can see why the single project expanded into two big projects!

  3. OMG!!!! Fantastic collection! I'm gobsmacked.
    They're lovely!!

  4. They are fabulous, my favorites are the water witch and the black and purple one :)

  5. ¡Dios mio! que coleccion mas bonita de vestidos, no se cual decir que me gusta mas, me gustan todos , son maravillosos

  6. I went and looked at her Ebay last night. She has a huge purple and black confection on there. Think I may have a bid.. LOL

  7. Janice me encantan todos los vestidos¡¡¡¡ los de brujas al estilo español son muy simpaticos¡¡¡

    Gracias por conmpartirlo.

    Saludos. Carmen

  8. Beautiful colourful dresses Janice of course I love the Wicked Queen one, i cant wait to own my own Snow White wicked queen, and a dress like that would be perfect! Kate xxx

  9. oh my goodness- they are all so beautiful! This is going to be so breathtaking when you are finished!

  10. Thank you ladies. I know that Cher from Ickle-Co will make to order and can come up with colours you may like. She has a lot of orders so they take a little time but they are worth it.
    The lady from Sinply Silk will probably be at Miniatura in October and I am sure she will have a couple of mannequins there, or again she will make to order.
    Both are priced very reasonably.
    I am still not sure if I will put all of them in the shop I may spread them out a bit.
    I will wait and see.

  11. Ola Carmen y Sagrario. Tengo dos vestidos espanol porque estudiando espanol. Que es las brujas de Espana llevar normalmente?

  12. son todos geniales todo un vestuario para una bruja moderna.
    un abrazo

    They are brilliant all the whole wardrobe for a modern harridan.
    An embrace

  13. Absolutely stunning collection!!!! methinks me now needs a dress collection LOL ...... am thinking walk in wardrobe.....need to build an extension onto side of school of majick etc etc..oh dear ;o)

  14. Oh Wendie it's never ending and worse when you start looking at all the wonderful projects in Blogland.
    I think I have enough projects now to keep me going for the next five years, but then I look at some of the continental shabby chic work and I lust after that too!

  15. Wow what beautiful dresses if only they where full size I would wear them ha ha!


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