Saturday, 1 May 2010

Been Busy.....

This week seems to have flown past but I have been busy dressing my witch house. Thanks to all of you who left such lovely messages, they gave the push to get down to work. Here is the study furniture mostly finished.

This is a DHE bookcase which I crackled and then edged in gold rub 'n buff. The books are either Ebay buys or from the job lot of goodies I also got on Ebay. I have left a little gap at the bottom because I am not sure what to fill it with yet and I have learnt that when in doubt leave it alone and come back to it.
I used the same crackle on this whitewood piece from Miniatura. Most of the books come from either Treefeathers or are made from a kit by hilda7391. Can you see the fab rat by Pear Tree Miniatures, the tail is like an elastic band and it wobbles!

Another fireplace by Dollshouse Delights which came partly dressed. I have added the scrolls and plant, the gorgeous wobble witch I bought at the last Kensington fair from Susan Lee, and the beautiful lidded urn from the talented Brian Taylor of Grandad's Miniatures.
This desk came ready made from IckleBits on Ebay and I added various pieces like the raven by NickyCC, the skull, some scrolls by Nikki, a potion bottle by Jenny Kelm and one of my mandrakes. In fact it was this table that first made me think I could have a go myself at putting together different pieces but I still think it is a great piece to start with.
Put it all together and this is what I got....Still a few thing to tidy up, like the side window and there is a mirror to go above the fireplace. I have one of Debie's hats Piskies and Poppets on the chair looking really at home, a toppling pile of Jenny Kelm's books plus one of her hands holding the place under the desk. At my first visit to Kensington two years ago I bought the tree lectern from a seller who had lots of different pieces, I don't know who made it, any ideas? One of my favourite things is the original painting of the rabbit by barbplevan who has some great things in her Etsy store including miniature plates that I would definitely buy if Kensington wasn't looming.
So one room down four to go! The worrying thing is I have been collecting for this house for over two years now and it has become very clear that I have nowhere near enough pieces to fill it! It really will have to be a steep learning curve for me so that I can make more of the pieces myself. Can you get a mortgage on a dolls house? 


  1. It's looking just fabulous Janice!!! :o)) You have some wonderful mini's. You have done a great job dressing this room...onwards and upwards!! :o)

    I had the same problem when I came to fill my witch's house. I thought I had a lot of things (I have), BUT witch's and wizards tend to be very cluttered peeps and so you need a ton of stuff to fill their homes! lol ;o))

    Michelle xx

  2. Very beautiful....i like it!


  3. Wow!!
    Janice, you've put it together so well! I've had a lovely time looking at it in detail. And thanks so much for the links!

  4. Thanks ladies. I really enjoyed myself this week.
    As you can see Glenda I have plenty to do so I am not in any rush for the baskets!

  5. Looks really well...I have spend a lot of time looking at all those wonderful witchy items. great!

  6. Hi Eva, that's exactly what we hope for isn't it, that the we are drawn into the scene and want to go further.
    Thank you.

  7. Janice the room looks wonderful. You have some fabulous pieces in there. I also have one of those wobbley Witches. Mine is still in its box, so if I can find it tomorrow, I'll let you know who made it.

  8. Just remembered who that Witch is by, Susan Lee Miniatures here's her link:-

  9. Thanks Debbie, I will edit right away.

  10. It looks wonderful, there is so much to see, fab. I love your crackleglazing too. Thanks for the links, I am going to look for a wiggly tailed rat now!! :0)
    Julia xx

  11. Le quedo muy bien,y estoy de acuerdo el desorden es nato en los magos.
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    I still have to him very well, and agree the disorder is born in the magicians.
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  12. Ola Contar,muchas gracias para hablar contigo.

  13. Hello Janice, this looks so fab ! I love the way you have put everything together, the whole room looks wonderful,
    julie xxx

  14. Hi Julie, thanks for your lovely comment. Do you think your witch will be happy here? See you at Kensington.


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