Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Off With the Old......

Still without camera although new charger arrived today so I will have some new photos tomorrow. So I thought I would clarify the extent of my witch project. My initial idea was to build a house/shop for a witch. So I began collecting ideas and items long before I had chosen my house. After about a year I realised that I was never going to fit everything I wanted into a joint venture and bought the Tudor House just for my witch to live in....
This is the project I have shown recently and at the moment I am making potion and food jars for the kitchen and bathroom in this house. There are still lots of finishing jobs to do but the real hard work has been done.
And this is my next main project a Sid Cooke Empire Stores that will be my Witch E.T Grubb's Emporium. Ground floor dress department, 2nd floor hat and accessories department and 3rd floor for lotions and potions. You can just see some of the mannequins for my very discerning witches through the windows.
As you can see so far it has only been part built but I wanted to get an idea of how my hats and mannequins would fit. I have collected hats from Kat the Hat, Debie of Piskies and Poppets and a lovely Dutch lady who sells on Ebay occasionally, and witch brooms and bags and cloaks so it will be nice to get my teeth into this shop soon.
I know that Julie had a number of problems with her Sid Cooke kit but I have to say mine went together beautifully. I actually bought mine on Ebay for an absolute song so was expecting the worse but I think I got lucky and bought an old kit from before the business was taken over. Hardly any sanding needed, no missing parts and everything fitted together exactly.
I would say though that the interior mouldings are extremely disappointing, that there aren't any. Interior doors bog standard Dijon, plastic window frames without interior archtrave and the absolute worst thing - the three exterior doors are only moulded on the outside, very lazy.....
If I had paid the retail price I think I would have felt a little cheated.
So those are my two witchy projects that should last me a year or two especially if I have many more mini days like today. I should have known not to try anything new today as when I sat down to plan out my kitchen furniture at my worktable, somehow I managed to knock off my kitchen range, which smashed into many pieces. Grrrrrr! I was so cross as it was the most expensive item I have ever bought and it took me ages to choose it. I can't even bring myself to look for a new one yet I need time to sulk!


  1. My Highgate Sid Cooke was okay to fit together too, though it was a tight fit (their kits tend to be like that!). I love the idea of this shop and it should keep you busy! I agree, it's not a cheap kit and they should keep it all high spec and not cut corners. You can always buy better interior trim, etc.

    What a terrible upsetting shame about the range! Can you not repair it at all? What was it made of? I hate when things get broken and yet I too have days when I‘m best keeping out of my craft room ! :o((

    Michelle xx

  2. Thanks so much for the precis of your projects, Janice! The Tudor House is a real work of art -- such details! Wow. And I love the idea of a witches' department store :)

    When I got to the part where you smashed your range, I winced and moaned in sympathy. Oh no! I truly feel your pain, and TOTALLY understand needing time to sulk before you can even think about picking another. Is it really unsalvageable?

  3. Janice, I've just had a good nose through your windows and those dressed mannequins are fabulous. Love the Red and Black one on the left, as you look at the shop. When you get your camera charged, could we have some close up please. xxx

  4. Hi Michelle and Mezzo, it is completely smashed. I thought it was cast iron but it appears to be a mix of a very heavy type of plaster and cast iron. Hence why it smashed into so many pieces!
    Why does this always happen to the piece you have really agonised over buying but cheap little bits and bobs seem to bounce!

  5. Hi Debbie I was just about to leave a comment on your blog. The gingerbread houses are wonderful. Just love them.

    I will put some pictures of the mannequins on tomorrow evening. They are not a traditional witch look but are meant to be for all types of witches.

  6. Aww Janice I'd be very distraught too and can understand why you want to sulk! I hate when things can’t be repaired and touched up to look like new.

    I missed the fab dresses, they ARE wonderful, and I've never seen anything like them before! :o))

    Michelle xx

  7. Hi Michelle, essentially it is only a miniature range but I just hate the waste, plus now I will have to wait until the next fair in October to replace it.And I will have to find a different one cos this one is spoiled.Moan.Moan.

    Tomorrow I will enjoy playing with the potions again but in a much better mood! Promise!

  8. Me encanta tu nuevo proyecto(soy una enamorada de las escenas de brujas).
    Estoy deseando ver todos los detalles que vas haciendo.
    De momento, me encanta la casa y lo que se adivina dentro (pon fotos mas cerca)
    Volvere a ver tus avances
    besitos ascension

  9. I love your witchy projects and agree with debbie about the mannequins... they look to die for. I especially like the red one like debbie.
    Ive just caught up with all your posts and finally left some comments.
    Nikki xxx

  10. Oh my goodness just wait til Lol sees those dresses she will LOVE them! I can just see one with sleeves in the far left which is right up my street!I remember seeing this ladies dresses on ebay and lusting after them and they will really make your shop Janice, it will be so wonderful and colourful!
    Lola says a huge thanks for the offer of furniture for her house and Ill email you later with our address, its been one of those weeks, busy busy busy!!!
    Cant wait to see the work on this project how will you decorate the outside? Is it all put up as mine is the same kit too for my Sweeney house and ive had to take it apart to decorate it easier!Kate xxx

  11. Hi Debbie, not sure how I am going to tackle the decorating yet...I am not having the hallway which makes is easier. I wanted more shop floor. I have spray primed it today as I couldn't face thepotion bottles.
    I will sort out a package for Lola no problem.


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