Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Sitting Room

Light headed with the relief of filling the study I made a start on the sitting room. The large bookcase needed books and I seemed to have used practically every mini book I owned on the study. How did this happen? I realised that I had made a very silly mistake by using the lovely books from Treefeathers on shelves where they could not really be seen. So i did not want to use the ones I had left on the sitting room bookshelf, this meant I had to make my own and lots of them....
These are what I made from what I had at home. I used off cuts of balsa wood that I cut to size, sanded and painted. I then gathered together all the odds and ends of craft paper, cut to size and glued them to the balsa shapes. I have also been collecting vintage pictures for my potion bottles etc so i cut some of these down to highlight the spines. Finished of with a coat of varnish.
And the best thing is it feels like they were free because I already had all the bits and I managed to stay clear of Hobbyland!
This isn't quite finished but I like the look so far I just need to tweak it a bit. A couple more scrolls maybe, some spiders perhaps? Mmmmmm...but I do like the books!
The pink and lavender books with the candle are by Jenny Kelm, the gorgeous cherry basket is from Mouse House Miniatures, the potion bottles which I have filled are from My Tiny World and the little plate of quinces was an Ebay buy.

I had recently asked Debie of Piskies and Poppets to make me some hats for my next project to place beside the hats I already have from Kat the Hat Lady and Unique Minis. I received them this week and they are exactly what I hoped for. In fact I had to add one to my study straight away. Thank you Debie. 
Horrible rainy Bank Holiday Sunday here, hopefully it will be a lot nicer tomorrow as I want to sand down the 101 pieces that make up my Empire Stores as my better half has promised to help me put it together. I want to sand in the garden because of the dust.


  1. Janice your bookcase looks fabulous with all those different colour books. Well done you fr making so many.
    I Love Debie's Hats I have a few in my own collection. As you may have gathered I do Love a Witchy Hat.
    The weather is lovely here, clear skies but the wind is bitter. Hope you got my email about the turnings.. xx

  2. Oh yes a lot of work to make so many books but the bookcase looks really great :)

  3. Thanks Debie. It does seem a huge pile but I ended up with about only 10 left once I had loaded the bookcase.
    Thanks for your email, they are beautiful and look great.
    I love your Diagon Alley, that makes my project look like a room box!

  4. Hi Norma, I did feel a sense of satisfaction though I have used most of them up already!
    Blogland is teaching me so much, I would never have believed I could make them 6 months ago.

  5. The bookscase looks lovely, with all the treats! Hope you got my e-mail, I am so happy that I won!

  6. Hi Mirel, I can't find an email from you. Please try again to

  7. Oh I know how long it can take to make a gazillion books!!! well done, the efforts were well worthwhile :o)I love Debiekins hats too x


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