Saturday, 15 May 2010

Kensington and my list........

I had a fabulous day at Kensington yesterday. No massive scrum like at Christmas, calm and pleasurable shopping. My only complaint being that I couldn't get there until 1.30pm so lost out on a lot of Nikki Rowe's fantastic magical creations! I am sure you have already seen who the early birds were! So I didn't get a dragon eye book which I had lusted after but I did get lots of other lovely things from Nikki.
Anyway my list, I made my way to Julie of Bellabelle Dolls to say hello and look for characters for my witch shop and toy shop. She has agreed to make me a slightly smutty potion making witch, a tick on my wish list!

Moving on I went to Kathryn and Alan of Templewood Miniatures where I purchased these 144th house kits for my toy shop. The market square kit even has mini mini dolls houses inside, how cute is that!? I also picked up a couple of more flower kits to keep me busy. Previously I had bought a very fine tipped glue bottle from Kathryn which I told her I had found to be the best thing ever for detailed work and it never gets gummed up! So another tick from my list, doing well so far.
Off upstairs I came across these flower kits for foxglove and hollyhocks which were too witchy to pass by. They were a little bit pricey but unusual plants were on my list. Tick...Next stop was at my favourite whitewood furniture maker Rob Lucas of World of my Own, unfortunately there is not a website but mail order is available. I am a great fan of whitewood furniture cos it is reasonably priced and you can do what you like with it. This is what I bought.

This furniture is so well made and perfectly scaled with lovely clean lines. I have learnt to my cost that furniture scale can vary a lot especially at the economical end of the price range. So rocking chair tick, potion table tick, dolls house making table tick, unit for toy shop tick. I know the round table was not on my list but....I am going to cut it down as a coffee table for my witch sitting room and I have been looking for something to fill that space for a long time: so I think I can be let off!

 A visit to Mouse House Miniatures gave me a tiny teddy and a basket of vegetables, teddy tick but a big cross for the basket. I just couldn't resist it I love Charlotte's food minis and it had a lovely raw, country quality ideal for my witch. My bag was definitely filling up now and noticeably heavier, my budget which we all carry with us was making itself known but not too badly yet so off I went to Shoebutton Bears.
 Here are my little cuties. I adore their bears as they are really tiny and can come in lovely costumes. I was very good and only bought two as there was still a lot left on my list! But teddies tick.
Then going downstairs I met a little huddle including a little girl who looked just like Lola, I had bumped into Kate of Whittaker's Miniatures and Michelle of Michelle's Mad World plus another enthusiast whose name I didn't catch. They were really welcoming and we came clean about our purchases, I soon found out why Nikki's stand looked so bare!
The lovely Kate had made gifts for us bloggers, a super pile of books with a frog and potion bottle - as my daughter would say 'How kind is that?!' I was really touched, the miniature community is a real haven from all the cross and disappointed people I deal with every day, a mini haven.
Still lots more to look for, unfortunately I could not find any scissors or candles or glasses so it will be back to the internet for them. No 'toy maker' figure to tempt me but as I have two dolls to come from Julie this was just as well! More disappointingly I was unable to find a fairy for my cage, Penny Thompson did not have any of her tiny ones, I think getting to the show late meant I did miss out on a few things.
I was still within budget, hooray, and was doing well with my list no silly purchases yet and lots more to look at. 
I do not have any more photos today because Number One son left for Indonesia on Thursday with my camera charger and spare battery. Don't you just love 'em. I have ordered new ones but at the moment the camera is dead poor thing.
Still to come Nikki Rowe, old favorites for my toy shop, the one thing I just had to have, fabulous kitties and what every toy maker needs.
But no rats, again I think I was too late. On the good side I think my Spanish exam went well so my delay should be worth it, fingers crossed! 


  1. Oh Janice now I feel so bad, i did go to Nikki first as I knew there would be lots of takers but I didnt get all I wanted either so feel better knowing that !I got my witches stands which I hankered after since seeing them, and my little hat table which I adore but the big cabinets had already flown off ! there were lots of other people and i heard them saying they seen Nikkis blog and come to find her! So she has secret followers as well as us lot that broadcast to her how great she is! Lola got your book then, the dragon one, not that I was as happy as i would have been if she got the spider one at £6 ha ha! But it was her money to spend so who was I to argue! You got some great buys. I love the flowers, where or where were Templewood I so wanted to get some of your sunflowers how sdid I miss them! Lola loves the bears! what did you get from nikki oooh cant wait to see.
    You made me laugh about your son, how funny is that, thinking we'd all be creepy wierdo's. Hope we arnt!! Glad you liked your little gift, thought it would grace your witchy house and a well done gift for doing your exam too! I didnt get half what I wanted but as it was ran out of money anyway ! Had a great day and so nice to meet you! look forward to your other goodies and what you do with them. oh and Julies witch will be one to see! Kate xx

  2. Janice - thanks for the walkaround - I'm so enjoying it!! Well done on sticking to your list, I can see it could be very easy to stray!
    Just love those foxgloves, and the rocking chair, and Teal Cottage, and . . .and . . . !!

  3. Hi Kate, believe me I still managed to find lots of things to buy from Nikki. I was just joshing I felt so pleased for Nikki, I think she was completely flabberghasted by her success.

    I expect lots of her work will end up in the US so her reputation will spread. What is really great about her is that she is so happy sharing her ideas, a true lady as my old nan would have said.

    As I said on Friday I have a few bits and pieces that Lola might be able to use in her cottage. If you are happy for me to send them I will put a little package in the post for her. My email is drop me a line with your addressand I will sort them out for her.

  4. Hi Glenda, it is a fab show. I saw one house that was just to die for I dread to think how much it was I couldn't even bring myself to ask!
    Some of the furniture costs more than my real furniture but the details and technique are simply fabulous.
    Lovely to look at such things and then find a stand that is within budget but also has lovely things too.

  5. Great shopping you made! I am jeleaous...;)Good for you!

  6. Janice looks like you had a great day and some lovely purchases. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your stash, when you get the

  7. Preciosas compras!!!!
    Me alegro que lo pasases bien.
    Gracias por los enlaces
    besitos ascension

  8. What a shame Dan and I left early I would loved to have met you in person :-). Glad you also had a good time at Kensington. Perhaps we could meet up at Christmas with Kate and Lola :-)

  9. Hi Kat, it was a shame having so many of your hats I would have liked to say thank you.

    Hi Debbie, I do have a few more bits to show and I have just noticed that the crafty devil has swopped his rubbish battery for my good one! Off to order a new battery too now!

    Ola Ascension, me gusta comprar en Kensington para muchas artisanes. Los meubles son stupendos.

  10. Hi Janice,

    I've regained some energy! lol I'm a bit of a night owl! ;o)

    I'm so glad you had a great time too! I'm glad too that you managed to grab some of Nikki's things. I bought a Dragon Eye book too, but I think I told you that at the fair. ;o) In Blogland we all have non official followers that none of us know about, so that's why Nikki had more fans then anyone really knew about! ;o)) Good for her!! :o)))

    Wonderful mini's! I have some white wood furniture and have stained/painted a few pieces myself! I can't wait to see what else you bought!!

    I have a 1/144th dollshouse for a dollshouse by Templewood miniatures, I also have 3 cherry wood side tables to make. Wonderful kits, but fiddly!

    What a pain about the battery! lol Typical!

    Everything crossed the exam results are top! :o))

    Michelle xxx

    Kate, I have the website for Templewood miniatures/flowers, but it's also on my blog (I linked it when I showed the weed kits I bought for the conservatory).

  11. Hello Janice,
    got back last night and still havent unpacked ! I bought some of those little house kits to for my toyshop LOL they are perfect arent they .
    It was lovely to see you again and I cant wait to make that witch, she will be fabulous I promise :0)
    julie xxx

  12. Lovely minis you bought and thank you for saying each seller, because there are a few things here i also would love, including the beautiful rocking chair. How did i miss it? I want one too after looking for years upon years.
    I was flabbergasted and did my usual when tensed and panicking talk a lot of rubbish thing. Before anything i always tell myself not to do it but out comes all the rubbish without fail.
    I'm sure loads of people thought i was mad!
    The flower kits are beautiful and thought about getting some of those too. Glad i didnt because im rubbish at fiddly flowers. The kits i have i cant do so have learned my lesson.
    Kates comment made me laugh about the secret people. I didnt have a clue about those people too. They were all lovely but one lady i would rather not have sold to because she is selling them on, and i wish i could have said no. I like knowing where everything goes and if they are nice or not, lol. I know i shouldnt be like that, but im always happy knowing where my fave item have gone to.
    Im just catching up on everyones posts, so sorry this is quite a late comment.
    Nikki xxx


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