Monday, 10 May 2010

How Did This Happen? My List.........

I have spent the last couple of days sorting through all my minis and craft materials in order to get together my 'Must Have List' and my 'Wish List' for Friday and my trip to the festival in London.
I write these lists because I have been known to get carried away by the sheer, wondrous volume of these big fairs and buy either the most ridiculous items that bear no relation to any of my projects both current or future. Or I have bought items that are completely the wrong size or type and are of absolutely no use at all!
This trip I was thinking my list would be quite simple, I have been collecting my witchy stuff for the last two years after all. But in the way of all lists it seems to grow every time I look at it!
Here are my two lists, I am hoping that by coming out publicly I will be forced to make decisions straight from the list and not from the delicious feeling you get by discovering those items that fool you with their whispering 'Buy me....Buy me....You will regret it if you don't......'
Must Have List
1.Long table for potion table- witch shop
2.'Tudor chair' x 2 for witch shop
3.144th houses for toy shop both made and unmade
4.Table for toy shop for dolls house maker
5.Teddy bears for toy shop
6. Candles
7. Scissors
8.Reading glasses
9. Shelving units for toy shop
10. A fairy for the witch's bird cage
11. Crochet baskets
Wish List
1. Mini feather boas for witch house bedroom
2. Anything from Nikki Rowe's stand
3. A potion making witch for shop
4. A glamorous witch for shop
5. Dressed grey stone for witch shop from Richard Stacey
6. Unusual flowers kits
7.A rocking chair
8. Decorated/unusual hat stands
9. A dragon
10. St Leger toys for my toy shop
11 A pair of boots for my witch house

Oh my goodness it could go on and on but I promise not to deviate from the top list and to think carefully before ticking off anything from my 'Wish List'. It's always these items that cause me the most trouble as I have a tendency to get carried away by sheer shopping exuberance!
Now I have all of you as witness I will have to be good! 


  1. Hi, What a long and lovely list! I would so much like to be at Kensington, maybe next year ;-) Have a nice trip.
    Love, Susanne

  2. Hi Susanne, I am very lucky to be able to get to both Kensington and Birmingham at least once a year.
    I would love to go to one of the big ones in Europe though just to see the different sellers. I am trying to persuade my husband that a romantic weekend in Madrid would be lovely!

  3. I think thats a very reasonable but possibly very expensive list LOL and there will always be something that says 'Buy Me, Buy Me' its inevitable so I think you should add a #12. one item not on this list that shouts Buy Me!
    You seem to be working on similar projects to me, I also have a Witch house (skool of majick) and a Santas Toyshop so its a good thing Im not going to KDF or we may be 'fighting' over the same stuff! :o) hope you have a great time x

  4. Oooooh, I am envious!
    Really good idea to have lists - I remember the only show I have ever gone to (in Sydney) and it overwhelmed me.
    Re 'dragon -' take a look here on US eBay:

    This lady's work is excellent and the photos don't do the items justice - I bought an owl from her and it's amazing! It took a while, I think she makes to order.

    Enjoy the KDF!!

  5. That is quite the list! You are very organised. I just buy on whim.

  6. You are so lucky to have these wonderful shows to attend!

  7. It's good to make lists, but they don't help when those beatiful, not useful things just hit you - been there, done that :D

    You have fun and just mumble "list, list, list" while browsing throuhg the items :D


  8. Great idea Janice Im working on mine but I just know I will never stick to it when I see all the wonderful eye candy! I am told Kensington is quite expensive I suppose because the artistes are all the top of their profession but I do hope there are some affordable items as Lola will be with me too! Im dreading the rush you say there is, hope it isnt like the made scrums you get at car boot sales with everyone grabbing things. Hoped it would be more civalised than that! Cant wait! Kate xx!

  9. Janice, I hope you enjoy the Fair. I so wish I could have gone. Have a wonderful time and I hope you get something from your wish list. Don't forget, we want a full Fair account when you get back and pictures of your mini purchases. I bet you can't wait for the weekend. xxxx

  10. I think lots of what is on both lists you should be able to get.
    I think penny thompson has some beautiful fairies. I overheard a convo at her stall last time and not sure if she is selling them or not, but they are the most beautiful fairies i have ever seen.
    She even had some on here table that you could make the wings flap... amazing.
    I love her buildings too.
    If you find reading glasses, let me know where, because i'd like some too.
    I have some baskets empty for sale on my stall too. Think they are £1.50.
    I'm nervous as hell cause i cant add to save my life. I have dyscalculia and basically pants at maths. The fear im bad makes me panic more so if you see me panicking, counting my fingers and toes etc that why, lol. Im really dreading that. Even calculators make me panic.
    Looking forward to eeting you.
    Nikki xxx

  11. Those are two delectable, mouth watering lists! How very sensible of you to draw them up :) I hope you have a marvellous time at the Festival, and the rest of us will simply live vicariously through you!

    All the best, Nina

  12. Janice, I've only just started on my list for Kensington and I am nowhere finished! lol

    I must have been well behaved then when I‘ve been to fairs! As when I've been to fairs I've always bought things I need and I was worried I'd get carried away at KDF?! I don't want to though as I need so many things for Hogwarts and my Nanny McPhee house! I have allowed myself some money for love to have’s.

    I wouldn't worry about getting your Richard Stacey stones at the fair, I've bought all mine online. :o))

    Have you considered using trimmed swan's down for a boa if you can't buy one? Hobby Craft sell loads of colours.

    I hope you have a great day at Kensington! :o)

    Michelle xx

  13. I am always excited the week before a show as the possibilities seem endless and of course there is always the suprise purchase!
    Most of the furniture I will try and buy unfinished so that should keep the price down.

    Kate there will be lots of things for Lola, there is a lovely man who sells teddies that start at £5.99 and a stand that sells small character figures from about £6.00 I think. But there are lots of stands that have small items for £1 or £2.

    I will definitely be looking for your baskets Nikki. Everyone is really kind and wait happily while stand holders add up. I've never noticed anyone being impatient so don't worry. By Sunday you will be an old hand.

    For everyone that's going have fun and for those not able to attend I am sure you will enjoy reading all our reports.

    The list seems long but the next fair isn't until October

  14. Hi Glenda, checked out the seller and they have a fab dragon in a cage.
    However I have decided not to buy from the US anymore as the customs and postal fees from there are terrible.
    This week I was charged £17.00 in total fees for items that cam to £22.00
    With postage that means my costs were more than the items.
    Enough is enough for me I am afraid.

  15. Ooh look, lol. I said above looking forward to eeting you. Did make me laugh!

  16. And the chances of you sticking to your lists

    I hope you find everything you need and wish for :-)

    Our postage prices have gone up quite a bit recently but it depends on what you buy in terms of size.

    I know all minis are but some need more wrapping etc. I can manage to get 2 or 3 plants in a priority mail flat rate box plus a surprise extra and that is only about $13.

    If things are shipped regular airmail it is much cheaper so if I am only shipping 1 item I do that.

    I do find that US sellers tend to inflate their prices more than i think is right as well though.

    Customs fees, well we can't do anything about that...that is your Government :-)

    The only time you can get around that is if a lower value is put on the customs form and if it is a 'gift' wink wink.

  17. Sounds like a very good list Janice ! you must go to see penny thompson for your wee fairy, hers are beautiful !
    I have somehow ended up babysitting most of this week so am in a bit of a panic about being ready on time , off to the shed now to get busy before babysitting agin this afternoon, I will probably be looking a bit frazzled this weekend.....if you dont see me at first check under the table LOL
    julie xxx

  18. Hi Julie, thanks for the tip. I will definitely look for Penny Thompson. I feel my arrangements to get there are complicated enough, what it must be for all of you actually showing I can't imagine!
    Good luck to you all.

  19. Hi Tallulah. I have not found any US sellers who inflate their postage it has always been very reasonable.
    Our problem in the UK is that Royal Mail has started charging for 'processing' items through customs on top of any customs charges.
    Customs is customs as you rightly say and you take your chance with that, it's the extra Royal Mail charge that puts it up so much.
    It's a great shame as it's not like we're importing huge packages in weight or volume or even value.
    I suppose Royal Mail see it as a nice extra earner.

  20. Dear Janice,
    I searched the www for methods to respond to comments, because I wanted to let you know, that I was very happy to see, that you like my miniatures. I hope we'll meet at the KDF!
    And I hope, you read this pos, before you are at the KDF. I wish you a tallied (is this the right word?) list! Every witch would love to move into this beautiful house!

  21. Hi Andrea, I have marked your stand on my floor plan already to make sure I don't miss it.
    Have a fab weekend in London.


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