Monday, 3 May 2010

The Sitting Room has Landed......

Two rooms more or less completed this week and the house is really beginning to feel right. It's a good feeling when all the plans and ideas you have had start pulling together and I feel much more confident now about the dressing of the house. I have carried the lesson through though, leave a space if you don't have the right piece in your stash!

The furniture has come from a number of sources: The chair and sofa came with my bakery and I re-covered the cushions and crackled it. The lovely cushions are from Bear Cabin Miniatures, who sell lovely hand stitched pieces and furniture. The tall plant stand was from Masters Miniatures who sell a really wide range of furniture for all periods. The pumpkins were both Ebay buys, the character candle holder is by Wendy who has a real spooky website that I have just discovered. The little dragon side table is Jenny Kelm's.
The birdcage has been crackled and made ready for the fruit fairy I hope to find at the Kensington Festival. I have decorated it with fruit sticks and flowers to make her feel at home.
The display unit contains a whole mixture of items from all my favourite sellers: J.Dunn's raven, Jenny Kelm's books, Nikki Rowe's scrolls and various Ebay sellers.
You might notice the big gap in the centre of the room. I have tried everywhere to find an unfinished coffee table that I can crackle but have failed miserably. As I am going to paint it I don't really want to spend loads, so with my new 'best friend' Miss Balsa Wood I am going to have a go at making my own. I love balsa, it is so cheap and easy to work with plus if you have a disaster you can use the pieces for something else and not feel you have wasted lots of money.
This house kit had flat windows but I changed the windows to accomodate a square bay in all the rooms. I liked the shape they gave the outside but I was also under the mis apprehension that I had over bought and would need all these extra shelves for display....Ha!Ha!
So here I am with all these extra ledges. This is the sitting room window displaying one of Kat the Hat's wonderful creations, fabulous pumpkin porcelain by Sally Meekin whose work I love, cactus plants by The Flower Lady and more bits and bobs from my Ebay job lot.
Getting there bit by bit.
Welcome to my new followers I hope you enjoy peeking into my miniature world and please feel free to leave a comment I would love to hear from you.


  1. hi Janice, Ooooo Ooooo!! I spy one of my pumkin pals sat on your shelf! :o) its a nice suprise to see something I've made in another room setting, glad you liked it enough to put it on show! LOL :o)
    I love what you've done with the sofa & chair, fantastic job! and the shelves...... shelves are good! my hubby is wise to shelves tho..... he knows they mean more 'stuff'!! hee hee

  2. Es muy bonito. Has hecho un buen trabajo. Las cabezas de bruja son una idea magnifica.

  3. Not sure how I missed your wonderful blog! The window looks fab, as youll see if you go to my blog I LOVE Kats hats!Alot of my furniture in my haunted house is black and gold, it looks great dosnt it! Im having a giveaway on my blog if you want to take part. Will be keen to follow all your wonderful houses , Kate

  4. le esta quedando perfecta me gusta
    un abrazo

  5. What a lovely witchy livingroom, very nice details! Hope you got my e-mail,

  6. Hi Wendy, I bought your super piece what seems a long time ago now and it is one of my favourites as you can tell by his position.

  7. Ola Contar y Maribel. Esudio Espanol en una escuela. Me gusta practicar en mi Blog!

  8. Hi Kate, your blog was one of the first I got hooked on. I blame you for showing me all the looks that can be achieved!
    Great blog!

  9. Hi Janice,
    I am having a day catching up on favourite blogs today! I love your witches house and I was so pleased to see my cushions all settled in ;0) Thankyou for the link. Your window is fab, I adore little pumpkins and your Sally Meekin pumpkins are wonderful. I alas, only have one so far in my witches corner.
    On to your next post now!
    Julia xxx

  10. Hi Julia,my new owl cushion arrived today. Lovely as usual. They look fabulous in the sitting room.
    The Sally Meekin set was one of those impulse buys that you feel guilty about for at least a week, but I really had to have it!


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