Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Time to Start Dressing the Witch House.......

I have spent the last five months building my witch house, definitely the most ambitious of all my projects, so I can put it off no longer, I have to start dressing the interior. The whole witchy theme has been on going for about 18 months. Really since I bought this fireplace and discovered Witch and Wizard Miniatures the home of the very talented Nikki Rowe. I have collected a whole range of items ready and waiting to find their home. I collected soooo much that my initial plan of using Sid Cooke's Empire Store as a witch emporium and home for my witch had to expand. So I bought a tudor house kit from Maple Street Miniatures for a house and have still to build the Sid Cooke kit for my Emporium.
I find, however, that as I get close to finishing the building I get the 'yips'when it comes to adding all the accessories. It's really strange as I will quite happily fill it with all the empty furniture but I can't quite bring myself to add all the bits and pieces. I get worried about spoiling the images I have had in my mind and of not being able to create the right atmosphere. Most of all I seem to live in fear of disappointment...
Anyway today I have bit the bullet and started to fill my house rather than keep sorting and tidying all my lovely pieces.

Like all my houses there is a theme for the furniture, all the upstair rooms are crackled black and gold edged with the wonderful Rub 'n Buff in gold. I love this paint it is so easy to use and extremely effective. I wanted to get the cluttered feel but in a fresh sort of way, she is not an ugly, wicked witch but friendly, wise and a little house proud. I am a little too anal to do dirty and grimy. Although you would laugh at that if you knew how much I hate housework!
As you can see she loves her ornaments and does not mind the visits from mice, rats annd spiders.
The fireplace is one of my Ebay purchases from Dollshouse Delights, I don't know if she still sells on Ebay. The tall, faced candelabra are from Jenny of Kastle Kelm, the lovely little house scene at the back is from Betty's Love, the scrolls were given to me by Nikki and the teapots come from J.Dunn and Sarah Brown both Ebay sellers who I have mentioned before.
I have put the crate of pumpkins in the grate because I have not got a fire yet and can't decide what to do about the lighting. Does anyone recognise this crate as their work? I was lucky enough to win a whole job lot of witchy items on Ebay and this crate was one of  many pieces.
The sweet pumpkin teddy was another an Ebay win from TJMiniatures who now also sells on Etsy. The other pieces were bought at Minatura and Kensington.
I have topped the whole lot with some 'cobwebs' from a Halloween decoration which are actually better than I thought they would be.
I have glued everything in place to stop me from picking at it all and changing bits that are perfectly happy where they are!
Oh I forgot to mention the bat who you might be able to spot on the top edge of the chimney from NickyCC who also makes wonderful birds. I don't know where I will go for birds now, as I believe she is having a rest from miniatures.
Tonight I will go to bed and think about the two bookcases that are demanding that it's their turn tomorrow, I will make a decision, I will.......or maybe I need a couple of bits from Hobbyland first.....
PS. The crate may be by Kat the Hat Lady, thanks Debbie


  1. It is looking great! Full of details

  2. That crate looks like one of Kat's.
    Love your Wicked Witch Teapot..xxx

  3. Thanks Debbie, isn't the teapot great, definitely one of my fvourites. xxx

  4. I love it all but that fireplace is awesome.

    I love crackle finish but I have just never been able to do it on anything :-(

  5. I know what you mean about the crakle finish. I persevered with the spray cans to colour the furniture to match this fireplace and some items were more successful than others.
    It must be something to do with the surfaces but I could not discover when the optimum time was for adding the top coat.

  6. I love the fireplace too Janice, I think you are going to have so much fun now you've conquered the fear and are starting to really start dressing !
    You have some lovely items :0)
    julie xxx

  7. Thanks Julie, it's all about confidence really. Am building my Sid Cooke house on Monday so I hope I have less problems than you!
    See you at Kensington.

  8. You have some lovely pieces Janice. :o)) The teapot is my favourite!!! :o))

    I'm glad that you have bitten the bullet and started to dress your project. I have a little story in my head of how my little person might live and their personality etc. It helps me to dress a project with that in mind. I will then go back and have another look and tweak it! lol

    I almost bought the kit you have for your witch from Maple Street, instead I chose the Coach House. :o))

    Michelle xx

  9. You shouldn't feel any fear, the way you decorated the fireplace is wonderful! All the items are so original and they look really well together.
    Thank you for the comment you left on my blog. Yes, I will be selling the shoes on my website; I just put them up. :)

  10. Hi Michelle. I liked the coach house too. It was my first choice for a house with the shop on the side. Then I saw this one and decided to do two separate houses - as you do!

  11. Hi Maia, thank you so much for your kind comment. I have really bit the bullet this week bouyed up by all the supportive comments I have received. The worrying thing is - I have spent nearly 18 months collecting items for this house and have used most of them in two rooms! And I thought I had loads of bits!

  12. Well you did much better than me with crackle lol. I've tried a couple of different makes and just can't get it to work.

    I've never tried spray paint though...perhaps I'll give that a go.


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