Friday, 15 October 2010

Would You All Please Stop.........

 Making such lovely and original items. Really, I am beginning to live in dread of the divorce courts! I wonder if miniature mania has ever been cited? First, these fabulous items from Victoria of Dark Squirrel.
 I saw Victoria's fabulous work on Kate's blog and had to have a peek in the Etsy store. I thought this furniture would look great in my 'Roots and Shoots' shop.
 Victoria very kindly made me the chairs to the height I wanted and the dresser is just fabulous. The pictures do not do it justice at all. The little pictures are all framed with tiny twigs, just delightful.
So many little details that make the piece such a joy to look at.
Victoria also sent me some lovely toadstool acorn pots which go really well with my toadstool mania of the moment. They will be able to brighten up lots of different scenes. Victoria's potion bottles seem to be getting better and better too but we won't mention how tempted I was this week.....
Then of course there is the deliciously tempting creations of Jayne of Tallulah Belle. Lovely package as usual with a surprise, what every hobbyist needs a place to write down all her inspirations......
........and the beautifully chilli 'daisy' and babies. 
I just love her and she will find her place in Diagon Alley, eventually.
Then along comes Kat with a new Hatter hat, steam punk style which drew me in. Every time I think "No more!" Kat comes up with a new design. This lovely lady also sent me a wonderful pumpkin board  which made me smile. Thanks Kat. 
"Of course you have to buy all the pumpkins you can at this time of year darling, cos they will all disappear in a blink of an eye...." I love Wendie's candle kins and was lucky enough to buy one a long time ago on Ebay, now he has some friends. They are so full of character and Wendie kindly popped in another member of the family. 

As my defence will be, but Halloween only comes once a year, will you please stop leading me down the path of temptation and start concentrating on Christmas.

Only I do have a little cottage hidden somewhere that would make a great Santa's Grotto!


  1. I adore your dresser, too!! WOW! I love all that moss! Such great buys! :)

  2. Thank you so much Janice! I love your new Daisy and babies and Kat's Steampunk hat is to die for. Wendie's pumpkins are so cute. You know there is no cure for miniature fever.

    Victoria ♥

  3. Oh, I know what you mean Janice, I think I will be in the same divorce courts! LOL I have just bought my next wizard for Wizard and Wands and now I really must stop... but, there are sooo many wonderful things out there that I just can't resist. ;0)

    On a christmasy note, I have only a couple of halloween bits and bobs left to put in my Etsy store and then Yipee, it's time to do christmas, I love christmas nearly as much as Halloween ;0) Hubby is making a fabalous Santa's Ivy Cottage and I will be christmas stitching.

    Your new buys are fabalous though, wink wink. I love your steampunk hat (I need one too, hee hee) and your pumpkins are great. Those mushrooms are divine and Daisy and her babies.. well, what can I say, she's fabalous.... I think I may just be getting closer to those divorce courts!! LOL
    Julia :0) xxxx

  4. Janice, you've made some fabulous purchases. The Dresser and Chairs are beautiful and I can imagine them in your Roots & Shoots shop. I see your Daisy from Jayne has already got some new shoots. I think there's quite a lot of pollination , going on in that Nursery.
    Love Kat's Hat's, but they are like sweeties, you always want another one. Then Wendiekins Pumpkins, haven't they got brilliant faces, quite the little characters.
    If I was you Janice, just sit back and enjoy the journey into temptation, as I'm sure there are some more beautiful Minis out there calling your name... LOL

  5. I totally understand Janice! I cant get over the beautiful array of miniatures on offer right now. My overdraft is coming very close to full capacity, its scary!! But I, like you just cannot resist!! I have a new floozy like yours, I think of them now as the triplets, yours, mine and Michelles, all living in similar projects! I so wanted Victorias dresser when I saw it so see we have the same good taste! I had to resist as I dont have a project to put it in. Though I was tempted for the Snow White house. I adore those acorn mushroom posts, so gorgeous! Fantastic pumpkins and love that hat! ALl brill. Christmas coming and then the Xmas minis come out!! At least then they can go on my Xmas list!! Kate xxx

  6. LOL your comment on Nikki's blog really did make me laugh! lol I think there are quite a few bloggers who share your dilemma! I just don't say anything about price and hope for the best! I just hope Paypal won't be thinking 'gosh this women is just toooo busy and put a stop to your buying shenanigans!!' lol

    At least by Christmas some other mini's will be available and maybe won't be so appropriate for your projects? :o)

    Michelle xxx

  7. Estoy enamorada de las preciosas miniaturas que consigues, son fantasticas, enhorabuena
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  8. I am looking forward to the flood of Xmas goodies as they will not lead me into temptation and I can concentrate on getting the carcasses done for the alley!

    One of the best things about Blogland is that I have been able to follow so many links to really talented seller who make things cos they like doing it. This passion is shown in their work I think which makes the pieces sooooo desirable!

    Plus I just love getting all these lovely things in the post. So much nicer an accompaniment to my cereal than a depressing newspaper.

  9. I truly like everythng but the pumpkins got me good! That is so lovely! Smiles,

  10. Wow some wonderful purchases here get all thoughts of a grotto out for your head.

    I've actually been trying to work on Christmas things for ages now but keep getting witchy orders sorry :-)

    I love everything you have but the puking pumpkin is my favorite.

    Glad my plant got there safely...can't wait to see it in place.

  11. Janice, your works are awesome too!

  12. lovely lovely items janice, dont know what I like best !
    I'm busy resisting tempotation to fill my toy shop shelves...... have promised myself that if I get the pre xmas fairs over and all the commissions up to date i am going to have a little pre xmas spree....:0)
    in the mean time I am just loving seeing the wonderful things you are buying :0)
    julie xxx

  13. Hi Janice,
    It's great and I love Auntie Kat's hat!The chairs and dresser are fantastic there will look especially good in the roots and shoots shop!

  14. That dresser is incredible, I just loved it!
    Thank you for visiting my Halloween party. :)

  15. Hola Janice, soy Belinda, tu compañera del intercambio de Marsha de adornos de navidad y te escribo para decirte que hoy ya te he enviado tu paquete. Espero que te llegue pronto y que te gusten las cosas que te he hecho :)
    Te mande un email hace unas semanas y no se sino lo habras recibido pero bueno, espero haber acertado en las cositas que te he mandado :)
    Besos desde España


  16. You have been busy shopping havnt you! but I totally approve of all your purchases (even if I am a bit biased LOL) thanx for giving some of my Kins a new home :o) My hubbs thinks all items that go in & out of this place are 'swaps', technically they are, even if some were swapped for money LOL it never stays in my pocket long enough to count anyway so I see no point in enlightening him too much or Id be in the same divorce queue as you possibly!!!
    as for temptatation...I live by the motto of "lead me not into temptation, for I can find it all by myself!"

  17. Hola Belinda. Habla Espanol un poco. No he recibibo unemai pero me gusta el intercambio de Marsha de adornas de navidad. Espero enviar mis adornos la semana proximo.

  18. Hi Wendie, I am trying the 'swap' story too but sonner or later he will work out the only thing I can be swapping is credit card details!


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