Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Minatura Part 2.......I'm Was Browsing Remember!

I have browsed and had a walk outside with a coffee so now I felt it was time to shop. The idea being I would start again at the beginning and look again at the things that had previously called to me. If I still thought they were right then I would buy them, within a certain limit of course. 
My first purchase was from a seller that I have only just discovered at this Miniatura, she make the most wonderful wicker items and I knew this cage would be perfect for my 'Magical Menagerie'
It is quite beautiful and will hang from the ceiling of my pet store. They are made by IGMA member Lisa Stroud all the way from Australia. 
And like all things in life once I started.....On to Pear Tree Miniatures to look for rats and books. I got the bubonic plague rats for my pet shop and a few pieces for The Leaky Cauldron.
 Then on the top shelf I spied this fabulous chair which I thought would be just right for Olivander's Wand Shop. It is supposed to be very spindly like the owner and I really liked the look of this piece.
 Next a stop at Julie's Miniatures who makes a whole range of items but I was especially looking at the wonderful birds she makes. There was a wonderful peacock on the stand but all the chickens had sold. I did, however buy this bird of prey which is covered in real feathers and looks typically snooty. He will look great in The Leaky Cauldron.
 He has a hood and a pair of leather gloves all ready for his wizardly owner.
 Then I fought through the crowd to get to Mag's stand which was very popular. There were lots of different items on her stand and I spent ages looking and looking. There was just so much to see.
 I settled for quite a varied collection but all very usable. The broom stand will sit outside a shop, pumpkins for my window boxes including one with a fabulous feathery raven.
Plus a couple of filled cauldrons, more or less the least of the mice and a fabulous 'coffin pie' which I think will be a interesting pub lunch.
I am planning to fill the cauldron Shop with fireplaces of all different types so I need lots of chimneys of different types. I found these but forgot to get the large one I need for the Emporium! Anyone know who sells the lovely twisty ones on the Internet. 
And I was doing so well.......Part 3 tomorrow.
Look how good I am being, I have chosen everything with a purpose, even if the shops are still under the bed!


  1. Lots of lovely loot!! Love it all, especially the bird and the chair!! :)))

  2. Thanks for putting up the pic' of my mini-makes!
    Pop over to my blog and see the Ghost Witch that Julie made for me!


  3. Wow, even though I don't have a witchy house I love your finds, especially the bird of prey, the pumpkin with the raven nesting on top and the fabulous chimney pots, your 'shops' will be fantastic with all these, hehe.

  4. I love the hawk on the stand! and the mice and the pumpkins and everything hee hee. I think you have better self control than me Janice. Or is tomorrow a double post?

    Victoria ♥

  5. oh I forgot the cage, is there going to be an owl in it? It is one of the best cages I have seen.

  6. You got some wonderful things Janice.

    I love the chimneys...are those hollow. I've been thinking of looking for some to use as planters. I am always trying to think of new things to plant in...pots get so boring :-)

  7. fab items Janice,
    I have one of those wonderful broomstands too from Mags,it will have pride of place in my witches cottage !

  8. Lots of wonderful treasures there :0) I love your bird of prey.
    Julia xx

  9. Part 3 to come? Wow you got loads Im so jealous! I must say my fav out of all is the chair funnily enough, thats so unusual and so fitting for a Potter project, as its just kind of kooky! The bird is cool too and all the witchy goodies. More to come, cant wait! Kate xxx

  10. I bought my chimney pots from Trigger Pond at KDF, they did the twisted ones you want. I've had a look at their website but they don't sell them. I have given you the link to their site so that you can email them is you wish.


    Wonderful buys! :o))

  11. Hi ladies, I do feel very gulilty but I have bought 'sensibly' I just got carried away as usual.
    You always see so many different things at a big show that you know you won't be able to track down on the Internet. Plus you buy what you actually see......had a couple of disasters in the last couple of months.

    Thanks Michelle I will drop them a line, hopefully they will be able to send me one.

    Hi Jayne all the chimneys are hollow if I can remember where I got them from I will send you the site.

    Mags, I saw your witch and thought it had the Julia look, I knew she must be precious so I didn't enquire if she was for sale. Wonderful!

  12. I am green with envy too, but agree you have to get items when you see them (which is safe for me because I never see them :~D)

    Off to drool over Part 3...is there a Part 4 too?

  13. So many great things! I love the kooky dolls! Happy Birthday.


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