Saturday, 23 October 2010

Fabulous Gothic Windows on Ebay.......

I have been lucky enough to win a few items by the very talented Angela Downton on Ebay in her Ebay shop. Whenever I check out Ebay , I always look out her pieces and tonight I saw these wonderful gothic windows.
They look ideal for smaller houses and cottages and are a new item for Angela and I know she is looking for feedback with regards size and demand.
Having spent today building the basic carcasses for Diagon Alley from a number of different kits I am astonished by how average the windows are, so lacking in imagination. Whereas these windows have so much character and style. Just love them but they are too small for any of my windows no matter how hard I try to make them fit!  


  1. You're right, the windows are fab:)

  2. The windows are stunning! I love anything Gothic~ reminds me of Europe....

  3. Maravillosas ventanas. Quedaran muy bien.
    Besos Clara

  4. Stunning windows! I have window envy now... even though I don't have a Tudor era house to put them in.... maybe I could start one... LOL I am already going to have to move out of my house to make room for the dollhouses!

  5. Wonderful windows, I love Angela's work :)
    Julia xx

  6. Stunning windows! but what a shame they dont fit :o( there has to be a way to make them fit? can you show a pic of where you are trying to fit them to give us a better idea of how to solve this dilema? or methinks you may have to make another house just to fit the windows.... I would! LOL

  7. Que fantasticas ventanas, son preciosas.
    Gracias por los enlaces.
    besitos ascension

  8. Beautiful windows Janice! Maybe one of your followers will have a fit solution. I would make a frame around the frame but it might be a disaster.

    Victoria ♥

  9. Sorry I have confused everyone with this post. I have not bought the windows as I knew they were too small. I am going to wait and see if Angela thinks it will be worthwhile to make them in a variety of sizes and keep a look out for future items.

    Thank you though for all the offers of help. they were much appreciated.


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