Monday, 4 October 2010

I Have Been a Bad, Bad Girl.........Miniatura Part 1

......and it had all started so promisingly. I drove up to Birmingham with my youngest son and we happily chatted while listening to 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". We made good time and I dropped him off at New Street Station to catch the train to Manchester. His sister was travelling over from Sheffield to meet him and spend the day at the university open day.
This meant I had the whole day to myself to take my time and browse.
 One of the reasons why I was so pleased to have so much time is that I am not a good shopper. I get carried away by the excitement. I try to contain my need to shop by writing very specific lists to make sure I don't go home with a load of unnecessary, impulse buys. I do have a tendency to get carried away.
 My plan was to walk round the whole exhibition once without buying a single thing. I would look, peruse, enjoy and compare. 
 I did slightly cheat though because I had already reserved this fabulous lady from Julie of Bellabelle Dolls. I had arranged to collect her later in the day and looked forward to seeing all her new dolls. 
 That was my plan then and I was soooooo good. I walked around and looked at everything, I ignored all those must have items for project 394 and concentrated on finding things that were relevant to my current projects.
 I particularly enjoyed looking at work by exhibitors I don't usually concentrate on because I am always time conscious with a foot tapping husband. Some of the tiny baby dolls were simply exquisite while the cake makers convinced me that food making was not for me. They are simply too good.
 Now my steampunk witch was my first 'buy' and the 'Witch's Apprentice' was my last buy. Although I saw her on Julie's stand I did not rush in, my new shopping resolution remaining strong but with the M4 beckoning and no more shows until Spring for me I succumbed at the last. Where is a mentor when you need one!
 This little girl has such character and is destined for 'Flourish and Blotts' to buy her books for a new year at Hogwarts.
 This lovely pumpkin is the object of her practising but I think I will be able to find another somewhere for it!
By 12o'clock I must admit to be getting a little panicky. I knew I would be falling off that wagon any moment. I hadn't quite made it all the way round but was ready to buy!


  1. I've got to say Julie's Steampunk Witch is fabulous and I can just imagine the little Witch in Flourish & Blotts. Can't wait to see what other treasures you brought

  2. Your steampunk witches glasses are so cool Janice. Glad you got to go and enjoy the day. I really like the pumpkin with the mice.

    Victoria ♥

  3. Well I think you did wonderfully resisting the urge to spend for so long! I usually get carried away too, but had to stop and think twice this year about the things I bought, although I was 'lucky' that I had my daughter with me who often acts as my aloof conscience LOL although I already wish I had picked up a few other things I saw... but isnt that always the way? The dolls you bought from Julie are really lovely and definitely good buys! :o)

  4. Well I think you deinatly made the right decision Janice, if that makes you feel any better! I saw the witch on Julies blog and asked if shed sold and so you made the perfect choices, they are both fabulous dolls and so great for your projects! Im the same, Im too impulsive then worry about how to pay for it after lol!! Glad you had a good time, did you find it quiet for a fair like Julie did? Mind you being a buyer Id love it that way! Kate xx

  5. Love the new doll. Julie's dolls have such great expressions!
    Great Short Halloween Read: The Killer Valentine Ball

  6. son unas compras fabulosas me encanta esa niña bruja.
    un abrazo

    are a great buy I love that girl witch.
    a hug

  7. They are both lovely. When I was drooling over Julie's stall photos, it was these two that I really liked. Can't wait to see them in their new home. Glad you had a good day and I can't wait to see what other treasures you bought :0)
    Julia xx

  8. I love and adore your new witch's just fabulous...wonderful buys! ;o)) You were so very lucky to be able to attend, it's just too far from Hampshire for ole me!

    I must be a boring shopper...I keep to my list as I have so many have to haves that I don't usually have the spare money to buy things I don't need! lol The only time I deviate is when I food shop!

    I look forward to your other buys of the day!

    Michelle xx

  9. Hi ladies, I can't begin to tell you how wonderful this new witch is. Definitely the best piece I have of Julie's although all her work is fabulous.
    I am really lucky to own such lovely pieces and they will bring real life to my witchy projects.
    It is a bit of a trek even from Herts but I do like to go especially as I am not going to Kensington.

  10. Hi Michelle, I did have a basics list as usual full of lots of things like bricks and wallpaper etc. But I have so many projects in my head at the moment that most stands would have something I like.

    The idea was that I would browse and look at things in preparation for Diagon Alley, no rushing in as I usually do.That worked for about two hours!

  11. She must have been meant for you as she was still there at the end of the day. I wouldn't feel bad at all- you can't fight predestination!

  12. Ahhhh Christine, you are a woman after my own heart!

  13. You were very well behaved lol. Love all of Julies work but that steampunk one is really special.

  14. Lovely to see you again this weekend janice, these two are going to be so happy in their new home :0)
    julie xxx

  15. Wowwwwwwww Now I am not only green on envy...I have all the colours :)
    Great purchase!


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