Monday, 11 October 2010

LED Lighting.......Anyone tried it?

While at the miniature show in Birmingham I investigated the 'new' LED lights from Small World Products.
I really like the idea of this system as it looks really easy, needs very little wiring, is very affordable and gives off a much brighter light than usual lights. Plus they seem to last a very long time.
I looked carefully at the SWP product and you can buy them in strips of 2 lights to 10 lights I think. They stick to the wall or piece of furniture you want to light and are powered by a small battery pack.
They can be hidden behind objects or architrave or any way you like I suppose.
I must admit I was really impressed as I don't like lighting houses as I think it is a huge expense with all the extra paraphernalia needed and the rooms always look half lit.

So has anyone tried this new system yet? I spoke to a lady who has 12 houses at the show and she said that she would not use anything else now. 
It all sounds great to me.


  1. Not used them but sound really interesting. Just been to their Web site, but couldn't find any info, they must be updating their site.

  2. I know they were reasonably new for the show and I couldn't find anything either.

    The lights were on strips that looked a bit like a pill strip, if you get what I mean, with one sticky side.

  3. I remember seeing them at KDF too and this company have been trading for years but under another name and they were great then! It sounds like a great idea, what would or not influence me with this system is the style of lights available with this system, I'm fussy enough as it is with normal lighting! lol

    You say they are stuck on to walls or furniture? I think I'd still stick the lights on with super glue....all lights that are stuck on have a habit off falling off after a time! lol

    Michelle xxxx

  4. Sounds wonderful Janice. I saw some of these in a catalog here in states. I hate tape wire. My house has lights that won't keep a connection no matter what I do. I had thought I would try the old fashion hard wire next time but this sounds easy. I agree with Michelle, glue them down.

    Victoria ♥

  5. Sounds like a good idea - I especially like the multi-coloured ones. I'm toying with the idea of a small, separate christmas house and strip lighting would save me faffing about with fibre optic lighting which I saw in Hobbies catalogue. Must look into that. Thank you Janice!

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  7. Sounds interesting, I haven't seen them before. Look forward to seeing them in place.
    Julia xxxx

  8. I have used LED lights and I think they are fabulous. We don't have dollhouse lights here but I think I will still prefer LED over them.

  9. I am going to take the plunge and order them tomorrow to put them in the Emporioum as a trial.

    Will let you know how I get on.

  10. I just bought some little LEDs for my 1:144 house from They are made by Evans Designs. So tiny and very fragile. I've broken two of them so far. The company is very helpful and will replace them at no charge. I'm working on new ones this morning. Will blog photos soon. :D

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  12. It sounds like a real good system.


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