Monday, 18 October 2010

Unusual Visitors......

......surprised me this morning at breakfast. My first look into the back garden this morning was not greeted by the usual sparrows and pigeons but four confused young ducks.
 They seemed quite comfy sitting in the sun on the lawn, but must have been seriously misled about the possibilities of my tiny village garden. We don't have a pond of any description!
 To my surprise they waddled up to the back door and allowed me to feed them bread without any fear at all.
 Luckily my very lazy cat had not yet got out of his bed, like me he is most definitely not a morning person, so they were able to enjoy their snack in peace.
 They seemed very hungry so I am assuming my garden was a pit stop on a longer journey. Perhaps the bird telegraph had told them that our garden was a good place to stop for a snack!
Now I know ducks are two a penny but I enjoyed my little half hour of wild life and they made me smile strutting about without a care. Plus it's been a long time since I have fed the ducks and it made me think of past trips when the kids were small.
My youngest, my baby is 18 this week......where have all the years gone? I am now the proud mum of three grown ups, how has that happened without me even noticing? 
I know it's all part of having a family, the growing up, the letting go, all that extra time to myself and I do embrace that. Still, feeling a little sad and retrospective.
So the ducks brightened my day!!!!


  1. Ooooh, ducks are definitely not two a penny here, Janice. You are right, the fledglings must have picked you for a reason :) Congratulations are in order :). Have a happy day!

  2. Lucky you Janice, beautiful ducks. We have a pond and no ducks land on it, maybe because of Annie our pup. We do have ducks and cranes on the creek behind the house where Annie is fenced off but they are too wild to feed.

    Victoria ♥

  3. It is a bittersweet time when your baby chicks turn into adult people and comforting that real pleasures from years ago, like feeding the ducks, are discovered again. :)

  4. They would of brightened my day too, it's lovely to have unusual visitors in the garden :0) Our home backs onto a woodland and old quarry, so we get lots of unexpected visitors.. but never a hedgehog!. It would be nice to see one day. It's nice to think of past trips with the kiddiewinks too, my baby is nearly 12 and my eldest is 20.. wow, slow down life.. we all need a stop and ponder time now and again :0)
    Julia xxx

  5. Un placer ver cuanto has disfrutado con ellos. Efectivamente hay que dejar volar a los hijos y ganar tiempo para ti.
    Besos Clara

  6. I love ducks and its funny way of walking!
    Congratulation for the 18years old of your "baby".
    Mine has only 7 years old but I bet that the time fly, right?
    Janice, if you want I am celebrating two giveaways just in case you want to take part :)

  7. su jardín tiene que ser realmente agradable para que ellos pensaran en una parada, y se ve que no se equivocaron pues consiguieron algo
    un abrazo

    your garden has to be really nice for them to think at a standstill, and is not it got something wrong
    a hug


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