Saturday, 9 October 2010

1000 down.......2000 to go!!!!!!!!

 I have started putting the tiles on the roof of the Emporium. I bought these from Minaco UK mainly because they were half the price of another well known tiling company. When they first arrived I was a little disappointed because they were not as crisp as I wanted which I knew would mean a lot of sanding.
I must admit this put me off starting the job and 3000 of them have been sitting there looking at me for a while.
 So I sat for one evening in front of the tele and tidied up the first 1000. Boring!! Sticking them on the roof has proved to be a doddle. These are the tools I needed and the total waste from 1000 tiles. Minaco also sell a product to match called 'grandad tiles' and these are 11/2 lengths for each alternate rows. These tiles really help as it means you do not have to keep cutting down individual tiles.
I am not really sure what the tiles are made of, maybe clay or a stone compound, but the finish looks fabulous, a little bit sparkly like it has just rained and the tiles are drying off.
So from a slightly concerned start I am now keen to get on with the task.....well perhaps keen is not the right word, I hate the sanding but it will be worth it.
I will definitely be going back to Minaco for more products despite the downside of sanding.
Have a super weekend wherever you are.


  1. It's looking really good, Janice - thanks for the link! :)

  2. Looks Great Janice! I hate sanding too, the color variations are interesting. Looks like it's been on there forever.

    Victoria ♥

  3. Looks very nice, Janice. But I am always wondering if these "stone" tiles make the building that much heavier? Are they light weight?

  4. Hi Tabitha, this is quite a big house and is is getting heavier by the layer! But because these tiles are a compound they are much lighter than real slate.
    I saw some tiles made from re-cycled cardboard at Miniatura that were very light weight and just needed to be painted. They seemed an interesting idea.

  5. Janice,

    It's looking good so all the effort and time IS worth it!! :o)) Will you be adding any age and moss?

    I used you know who's roof tiles for my witch's house roof...that was awful because it had 8(?) triangle segments, so you can imagine the time it took me to do! lol

    What a job though you are having to do...sanding ARRGH! I felt it was a lifetimes work when I did the conservatory! I did though have to apply the modelling dust to my roof tiles before I could glue them on. Think of me when I have to do two large roofs for Hogwarts... I have to do the same process for those roofs too! lol I will be enlisting help! lol lol

    Michelle xxx

  6. Hi Michelle, I will probably add some mossy stuff because I want to add a couple of bird nests and things. Plus I will use some lead flashing on the joins cos I never seem to get these right and they always look a little awkward when finished.

    Like these tiles though despite the effort.

    Your Hogwarts will be a task.

    The Anne Marie furniture has been slightly bashed by me. I have sawn off the edge archtrave so each unit will fit next to each other and look like fitted bookcases and shelves. I has held up well, so far so good.

    There was a real craftsman at Miniatura who does complete shop fittings. They were wonderful but I worked out one floor of the bookshop or apothecary would be about £700!!! Lovely but it will be whitewood bashing for me.

  7. 3000 tiles!! *gulp* You deserve a medal for perseverance but they sure do look great.

  8. What a daunting task! I would have been avoiding it and procratinating for quite some time :). It is turning out great and you are doing a lovely job!

  9. Look really perfect...but I am tired just thinking in all this amount of tiles..
    Great work!!

  10. the roof looks Super!! all that hard work's paid off as it looks Perfect , it really does give the exterior that extra Authenticity
    Well done :)

  11. Janice your doing a great job of the roof. I like the variation in the colours, gives it a real appearance. Keep

  12. I agree all that hard work is worth it the roof looks perfect! I used card tiles, the lazy way and they look ok so far but hoping once painted will look better! Too much like hard work for me with proper tiles but if you have the patience then wow what an effect, well done! Kate xxx

  13. El efecto está genial. Piensa que no tienes que envejecer porque ya da esa sensación. Has hecho mucho trabajo y ahora que ya ves el efecto seguro que sigues con más alegria.
    Besos Clara

  14. The result is worth all the work. Your roof is great.

  15. It looks fab janice. I am a minaco fan, love the prices and the products are great. I have used other roof tiles in the past but found the minaco ones look just as good.
    I cheated with the sanding and snipped along the edges with my sharp scissors, made them nice and crisp in seconds , try it !
    julie xxx

  16. Thanks ladies, have sanded another 500 today!

    But, Julie I like your idea much better as mine are a little rounded. Will try that when I have finished the front of the shop

  17. ¡Madre mia cuanto has trabajado! Te esta quedando fenomenal.
    Besitos, May

  18. Janice, It really seems as though it is worth all of the effort because the roof looks amazing!!! You are doing a wonderful job on it!!

  19. my god! looks like the effort is totally worth it though!! go Janice!


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