Friday, 1 October 2010

I Know It's Not Finished But........

.......I could not resist playing with my new toys!
 Everything needs tweaking and nothing is in its final place but I hope all those discerning witches would love to shop at Witch E.T. Grubb's Emporium.
 The internal facade of the of the main door where I have just laid things out just to get a feel. Many of my hats were made by Kat and I have tried to match them with the beautiful mannequins from Ickle Co Miniatures. Please check out her Ebay store for wonderful dresses and mannequins beautifully sewn and created.
 The two 'wicked witch' mannequins are from the very glamorous Simply Silk as are the two matching cheeky corsets.
 At the moment I have Kat's lovely broomsticks at the back but I am sure they will find another place soon. I have also added some lovely baskets by Glenda of Peppercorn Minis, who was kind enough to make some in certain colours for me. I would like to fill these with goodies as time goes by, discreet undies perhaps?
 Lots more hats, hats with matching bags and a growing shoe collection. Gosh shoes are hard to find! I will be having a good look at Miniatura tomorrow. 
 Kat's hats are in abundance but I was also lucky enough to find a selection of leather hats and matching bags on Ebay made by a super lady in Holland who was so helpful and friendly. Unfortunately I do not have her details and I have not seen her pieces on Ebay for a while now. Also the very talented Debie of  Piskies and Poppets agreed to make me a selection of hats and they make a great display of hats for everyday! Of course I have a lovely owl picture ready to go up from Julia, he looks very comfortable.
 This is only a quick show so please don't be offended if I haven't mentioned your items if you can see it in my pictures. As I dress each piece of furniture I will make sure every one's work gets a mention. The shoes especially as I have not found a great way to display them yet.
 Well the attic looks like an attic at the moment but it will be a busy work shop with hat-making, dressmaking and maybe a busy elf or two making shoes of course! Plus all the shop's tut of course.

Off to Miniatura tomorrow. I am going to have a long, relatively relaxing tour around the stands tomorrow as I will be husband free. This means I don't have to worry about him crushing stands and old ladies. Bemusedly saying over and over again: " You could buy a real one for that price!". Looking at his watch as soon as the football starts....
Sheer bliss, plus I have a couple of special ladies to meet and bring home with me. 
And......surprise, surprise I do not have a list written in stone. Just a few bits and bobs really, I mostly want to do a good reccie for Diagon Alley and will look for really special items from the sellers I usually buy from.
I will take my camera and see if I can get some photos, a lot of the stall holders are a little shy because of copying but I will try.
Hopefully I won't need a boat to get there!


  1. Wow, so stylish, I am sure the most chic witches will be really hammering their broomsticks to be first into the store.

  2. Janice have a wonderful time at Miniaturia tomorrow. I hope you manage to get some lovely bits for Diagon Alley.
    Love your Witches Emporium, everything looks lovely. I bet you've had great fun, putting all your little treasures in there. Spotted one of Wendies Pumpkins, on top of the cupboard.
    Have fun tomorrow and we want a full Fair report when you get back...x

  3. It's all looking fabulous!! I can't believe those dresses - soooo beautifully tempting!
    As are the hats!!
    And the mirrors are sweet :)

    Thankyou for the link :))
    Enjoy the Fair!!

  4. Janice your E.T. Witches Emporium is a treat for the eyes! I love everything! You lucky girl getting to go shopping without hubby for miniatures. He sounds just like mine who remarked I could have built a garage for my truck with the money I put in a doll house hee hee. I can't wait to see this when you are done. Happy Shopping tomorrow.

    Victoria ♥

  5. Janice your haute couture emporium makes me want to get my broom out and fly down there for the pre-opening sales. I know it's not ready so I will be 1st in line..hehe :). All those pretty dresses, I must learn how to ride like a lady now with both legs on one side instead of astride. :):)

  6. Genial! Muy original y preciosa.

  7. La tienda está muy elegante. Las brujas que se vistan ahí serán las más fashion del lugar.
    Tiene mucha variedad de modelos. Los complementos de sombresos y bolsos están muy bien expuestos. Será un exíto de ventas.
    Besos Clara

  8. Oh Janice id want to start filling it too and dosnt it all look amazing! Love all the dresses, hats, shoes, bags, all so wonderful! Im sure youll come home with great goodies, cant wait to see what youve been buying! Kate xxx

  9. I am very sure all the witches love to shop here!!, it's looking beautiful, well done!

  10. Have fun Janice! I was there today and it was VERY busy in the morning!! Mags Cassidy nearly sold out of all her witchy things... I bought a few items which helped deplete her stock....oops LOL I was going to take pics but there were announcements over the tannoy that it wasnt welcomed so I was a good girl and didnt, but there were some wonderful sights.
    I spy him too hiding up there :o) x

  11. Well ladies I am back from the show and absolutely exhausted! Lots and lots of shopping, been a very bad girl, but I have decided that it is going to be a very long winter. Plus no shows until next Spring. Plus I will resist internet shopping for a couple of months, really I will......

    My name is Janice and I am a miniatureholic!!!!!!!

    Wendie, what a shame we didn't meet at Mag's I was there a long time. I wanted to take pictures too but was too cowardly and shy to ask!

    Will give a full report tomorrow depending how depressed I am after watching my team get murdered by Chelsea.
    See it was retail therapy a day early.

  12. Todas las brujas del barrio querrán ir a tan elegante tienda, y estarán esperando desesperadas el momento de la apertura.
    un abrazo

    All the witches in the neighborhood want to go to so elegant store, and will be hoping desperately the time of opening.
    a hug

  13. It has exactly the right 'feel'! I can imagine Mrs Weasley looking but never being able to afford anything while Mrs Malfoy flounces around with her nose in the air. I love the red and black matching hat/bag set especially :-D

  14. Could not resist lol....I am the same as well :-)

    It is looking amazing Janice...I love every bit of it.

    Glad you had a great time at Minaitura.

  15. Hi Christine, it is definitely a Malfoy shop I agree but I hope good witches will also visit!

  16. Hi Jayne, there just comes a time doesn't there when you have to start putting it all together and ignore all those little jobs. A bit like when you decorate at home and decide to ignore the missing bit of skirting!

  17. Nooooo I've never ignored a bit of skirting. I thought it was just me who did that lmao.

  18. This is amazing , well done!!!


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