Thursday, 21 October 2010

Planning for the Big One......

I thought I should get some cushions for my new chairs and went to Julia's shop on Etsy as I love her Halloween designs and I know they will be beautifully made. In my package was a lovely squidgy kitty cushion as well, which will be a comfy stopping place in The Leaky Cauldron, thank you Julia. Plus a wizard walking stick topped with tiny beads and some cute Halloween pieces which Julia has suggested can be used for wall banners. What a fab package.
A while ago now I  bought a lovely framed piece from Julia of a Siamese cat showing my daughter's name and year of birth which looks really chic in the gift section of my florist. 
I have asked Julia if she would be kind enough to make me two new samplers for Diagon Alley for each of my sons. Well not really for them........which I intend to put in their Christmas stockings as a giggle. Well it's one way of getting something that I like on Christmas Day!
 Lorraine of DFLY Miniatures has recently been adding a wonderful range of wands to her shop. For Olivander's I came up with the idea of groups of discarded boxes. You know the look of a shoe shop during a sale or after a particularly demanding customer.
 I contacted Lorainne  and lovely lady that she is, she agreed to make me some boxes that I could arrange into piles.
 Each topped off with an open box for me to pop a wand inside.
 I have just scattered these to give an idea of how they will eventually look but even arranged so casually they look great.
The box on the left came with a fabulous distressed look, sealed parchment and a classy wand inside. Lorraine, so thoughtful, had added this box as an early Halloween birthday present! I was so chuffed. A lovely piece from a lovely lady on the other side of the world.
One of the many pleasures of Blogland.
Thank you once again Lorraine.
Plus I have to add the pictures cannot do justice to the craft of these boxes. They are so beautifully made right down to the teeny tiny labels. They are little pieces of art in their own right.  


  1. Julia's pillows are darling. Lorraine's boxes are going to be great scattered about. I am amazed at how much detail is in one of her boxes.

    Victoria ♥

  2. Muy buenas compras. Es todo precioso. Quedarán muy bien los almohadones en tus sillas.
    Las varitas son un sueño. Me encantan.
    Besos Clara

  3. I think Lorraine's work is amazing too. Like you, I love her boxes.

  4. Oooh I love that wand! The boxes look fab, youll need an awful lot for the shop eh!! Julia's cushions are beautiful, Id love more too! You are getting lots of amazing miniatures together. Did you get my email by the way, my laptop is so unreliable? Maybe check your junk mail incase? KAte xxx

  5. Thankyou Janice for your lovelky words, I'm so glad your loved your cushions and the little black kitty one too :0) I am going to start on your samplers tonight, I have loads of ideas for them and they will be extra special :0)

    Love the wand boxes, I need about 50 for my wizards and wands!!! I love the way you have stacked them, can I pinch your wand box stacking ideas? :)
    Julia xx

  6. Love the way you arranged the boxes!

  7. Hi ladies, I am really pleased with the boxes as you can tell.

    No email Kate but my internet has been playing up too.

    Julia, please use the idea I am sure such inspiration can be seen in every shoe shop in the world after a visit from any of my sons!! But not my daughter strangely!


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