Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A Girl Needs Shoes.......

 Whilst trawling Etsy a few months ago I came across a wonderful shop called Camp Cactus which contained lots of tiny shoes in display boxes. All the shoes are made by Jane from natural materials: leaves, petals, seeds etc.
I contacted Jane and asked her if she would make me a selection of shoes for Witch E.T. Grubb's and as you can see she agreed. Jane was a little concerned because her shoes were usually displayed in her lovely boxes whereas I wanted to show them on shelves. Jane was worried they might be too fragile because of the materials she uses.
 I was prepared to take the risk because I just loved the shoes. I am so glad Jane agreed because the end results are simply fabulous and suit my designer witchy theme so perfectly.
 The photographs simply do not do justice to the delicacy and artistry of the shoes, even the interiors have their own signature. I would wear these shoes! Do have a look at Jane's Etsy shop and her blog Camp Cactus where you can read details of her classes for both children and adults. An afternoon making fairy furniture sounds like great fun.
I also found these on Ebay a couple of weeks ago and think they have a distinctly witchy feel. I was really surprised by the quality of the little leather boots, my impulse Ebay buys are usually on the road to disaster. Not sure who they are by but they are so cute and very well made.
Then while looking for cats by Alice Zinn I came across a US site new to me Mainly Minis, which appears to show case artisans work from all over. Instead of cats I ended up buying these.....
 The boots and the white/silver shoes are by The Dolls Cobber. I have looked at these hand made pieces before but was unable to find a seller. The blue/lilac shoes are from a dutch web page but I can't for the life of me remember the link or name. They come with a box you can make up yourself, anyone recognise them? Anyway they are really cute too.
I am really pleased with my miniature shoe collection now and feel that all my witchy customers will be very happy with their choice.


  1. Wow, love all the shoes, I didn't realise witches were such fashionistas!

  2. Beautiful shoes Janice! They do look like witches designer shoes. I love the little pair of lavender boots, it takes a real artist to make something that tiny with so much detail. You did good!

    Victoria ♥

  3. Mmmm, nice shoes!!
    I've just been contemplating making 'woodland' minis using materials like this - these ones are beautiful!
    Mainly Minis is a great site for original minis, and the service is friendly :)
    Thanks for the links! :)

  4. Fabalous shoes, Witch E.T Grubbs is going look very posh inside indeed :) Great ebay find too.
    Julia xx

  5. I love your shoes! Very good purchases!

  6. Una colección maravillosa. Felicidades por esta adquisición.
    Besos Clara

  7. Oh my gosh! The tiny little boots are amazing!


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