Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Browsing is Definitely Over!.........Miniatura Part 3

Now I have to qualify these next two purchases by saying I am a Halloween baby so my birthday is very close and these are early presents from my parents and husband......well they will be when I tell them that is. Having never been into 12th scale dolls I am now a great fan as long as they are slightly kooky. I couldn't resist these two as I thought they were so colourful. 
 The pink one will be working away in the attic of the emporium where her clothes will be very cheery against the gloom.
 While this cheeky lady will be getting up to no good in 'Roots and Shoots',
 keeping Jayne's floozies under control and babysitting the mandrakes.
 It was really nice to meet Roz and Aidy of Lilyelf. A delightful young couple who produce a whole range of colourful characters. Aidy makes all the fully pose able dolls and Roz does all the 'pretty bits'. They always have a magnificent centrepiece at each show and this years was one of the best a Witches Flying Machine. It's absolutely fabulous, do go and have a peek.
 My next two items are for the bed chamber of the Leaky Cauldron. They are beautifully made but I simply can't remember what stand they came from not even from looking at the floor plan. Two more birthday presents from the in-laws this time.
 Plus I had a bit of an Ebay disappointment with a piece of 'tudor' furniture recently so I was determined to buy something I could actually see and hold. Also the lady was really nice and I watched her and her husband deal beautifully with a really old lady and they made me smile.
 Now here all the reasons why browsing followed by lunch and an airing are not always a good idea. They gave me time to think.....oh that would be great for this, they will be brilliant for that, oh they are really hard to find and I have never seen one of them.........
 Now I like whitewood furniture because you can do so much with it, but scales do vary drastically which is why I like to see it now. I also have this plan for my Apothecary shop using basic shelving to line the walls so I wanted to bring a couple of pieces home to see if I can 'bash' them into fitted furniture.
Most of the whitewood furniture was from Ann Marie Miniatures and it is lovely quality. The potting table/ work table was from Apollo Miniatures who only trade at shows or by telephone using their catalogue. 
And these were a last gasp 'must have' as by now my own feet felt as if they could easily curl up too! They were on the same stand as the tudor furniture and I love them.

I know a lot of the sellers felt it was a quiet show and maybe the closeness of the return of the Ally Pally show may have something to do with a lack of punters. For me though it was just perfect, popular stalls were busy as usual but there were not nearly as many 'window shoppers'. 
As you can see I had a great day and have to say a big thank you to my family for all their lovely birthday presents!!!!! Oh well there's not any point in getting old if you can't be disgraceful too.......


  1. Looks like you had a great time at Miniatura and came home with some really lovely items. Remember to compliment the family on their exquisite taste when they give you your presents :)

  2. Oh I will....good thing about a Halloween birthday and doing a witchy project is that all the right things are around at the right time!

    You must lose out if you are building Santa' workshop with a June birthday. Well that's my excuse.

  3. Oh Janice, I really love all your purchase. I am green of envy.
    Really, they are wonderful, the doll, the furnitures and the lovely shoes :)

  4. It was so lovely to meet you too Janice ;) well fancy one of our witches showing off her colourful bloomers! I knew she was a character lol I hope they make you very happy sounds like they have a great home to call their own =) Roz xx

  5. Las muñecas son preciosas y los zapatos increibles.

  6. He he same here!! Last Christmas John kept telling everyone, 'Oh I dont know what to get Kate, Ive hardly got her anything' and I was like ' Oh no dont worry youve got me LOADS!!!!!!' Of course most of the time I ask......or rather plead but other times I do a sneaky buy and then tell him' by the way you bought me something great!!'

    More great buys Janice, Im addicted to dolls now too, I never liked them but now Im hooked! Kate xxx

  7. Fabulous buys and I love those curly shoes:0)
    Happy halloween birthday, your family were very good at choosing your pressies! ;0) lol
    Julia xxx

  8. I love your Pink ladies bloomers and socks! You made good choices in your shelves, many possibilities with them and the tiny red shoes are precious.

    Victoria ♥

  9. Fabulous buys and wonderful presents! When I went to KDF I took birthday money with me, so it was fun! lol It very much looks like you had one truly great day! :o))

    I love the white wood furniture, especially the potting table? Where or who did you buy them from?

    Michelle xx

  10. Me encanta visitar tu blog, siempre hay nuevas miniaturas que admirar y grandes sorpresa.
    Me encantan tus personajes.
    besitos ascension

  11. Hi ladies, I am not sure my 'browsing' policy worked as well as it could have as I missed two of my favourite sellers completely. Maybe that was just as well!

    Michelle I have added the links to the post for whitewood furniture, I forgot to put them in. They are really nice quality and I have been busy bashing them into shape. I think they might work.

  12. Hi Janice,

    So many thanks for the have solved a big problem I had in Hogwarts kitchen...what to have in it furniture wise! I have seen some perfect pieces that I can of course stain and age! Fabulous! :o)

    I can't wait to see what you do with yours.

    Michelle xx


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