Thursday, 28 October 2010

A Little Bit of Gardening.......

 In my new relaxed mode I decided it would be nice to make some flowers for a change. No worrying about walls to prepare, roofs to be tiled..... I am free to go where my fancy takes me. Well, not quite true,
 I do have three rather large troughs to fill on the exterior of Witch E.T. Grubb's which need to be planned and filled. Plus, I wanted to make some for Gertie's Cottage because I adore the whole feel of the project and I will feel really chuffed to be part of it. 
So I have to plan these troughs. I have collected together a lot of pumpkins and toadstools as my main theme and then the idea was to nestle them amongst foliage with little birds and things peeking through.
I think I will also need to make some vines to grow up the walls, with berries and fruit maybe? Hmmmm. So I am going to work through my flower kits from Fine Flowers in Miniature and decide what will work with the pumpkins etc. 
I also played with this wired leaf garland bought with the intention of making wreaths. I quite like the results, plain but perfectly formed.....The white one will sit on the front door of my modern design emporium. The other two have a discreet witchy feel maybe in Halloweeny colours.


  1. Love those poppies! I spent the better part of today looking at paper leaf punches online, wondering if I could get them to work on clay... maybe I should just learn to work with paper :). These kits look great!

  2. Hola Janice!! Te escribo para saber si ya te ha llegado el paquetito del intercambio de adornos navideños. Espero que si y que te haya gustado lo que te he enviado :)
    Saludos desde España


  3. I have read that some people have used punches for clay but you can get tiny cutters for flowers and leaves that are usually used for sugarcraft work. This site will give you and idea of what I mean:

    But artisans like Nikki and Tullulah Belle use paper with huge success.

  4. Hola Belinda.
    Mi paquetito del intercambio de adornos navidenos llego esta manana. Estan muy bonito.
    Mis hijos vieron la bolsa de caramelos pero he escondido para mi!
    Mis adornos navidenos estan verdes, rojos y oros, tu regalo es perfecto. Muchas gracias.
    Voy a mandar tu paquetito esta tarde.

  5. I love the flowers, these are great kits even if some are a bit fiddly I find! I love the colours too. Great idea to stick them in oasis too as you work!

    I've been making lights for the potion's room today. I hope you have a fantastic trip to Spain! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  6. Me encantan las flores y las coronitas son geniales, enhorabuena
    besitos ascension

  7. Your flowers are so pretty, I bet they were so hard to make, you have more patience with flowers than me :) Have a wonderful trip to Spain :)
    Julia xx

  8. Unas flores preciosas. Estarán muy bien en el jardin de la casa. Buen trabajo.
    Me encantan.
    Besos Clara


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