Friday, 4 June 2010

I Love Swapsies......and Bats!!!!

I have recently been involved in two swapsies which have been a lot of fun. It seems a great way to share goodies around and I have had lots of kind comments from both of my swapees. My first swap has been with Julia of Bear Cabin Minatures who wanted to swop one of her lovely hand stitched frames. I have quite a few pieces of Julia's beautiful work so I was very pleased that she agreed to swop with me. Then today my cute owl some super extras which will certainly find a home in one of my current projects.
My second swap was with the very talented Kat the Hat Lady and here is my super red toadstall hat plus a couple of extras I could not resist in Kat's Etsy shop. I had to have some more of the shoes and I cannot resist buying a hat every time Kat brings out a new range. One pair of the shoes found their way straight into my witch house.
Thank you ladies for making my first swop so enjoyable. If anybody sees anything I have made on my Blog and would like to organise a swop please ask. At the moment I am doing lots of end jobs in my witch house so I don't think I will be making anything for a while but it is definitely something I would like to do again.
The last couple of days my mini time has been a little limited so I have been finishing off left over jobs in the completed rooms. Here are my furry bats from Nicky hanging from the bedroom rafters. I did try to get them to hang using invisible thread but the whole thing was too tricky and I simply could not manoeuvre my fingers or see well enough to tie knots in the right places. Next time I will attach before fitting the rafters in place!

I did manage to get my wrapped vampire bats to hang although I have just noticed the end one looks like a hanging cheeky bottom......hmmmm I think I need to turn him round! I purchased the bats from Jenny Kelm of Kastle Kelm Miniatures and they are wrapped in leathery wings.


  1. Your house is definitely ready for halloween!

  2. Hi Janice,
    A gentle nudge... you have mixed me up with Debbie on your swaps!!
    Your bats look fab :0)
    Julia xx

  3. Enhorabuena por esos intercambios y compras.
    Para poner los murcielagos en el techo, podrias utilizar hilo de pescar, que es fuerte y se disimula bien.
    besitos ascension

  4. Hi Julia I am so sorry! I don't know where that came from at all. It must have been due to my reading her blog last night linked with gardening exhaustion!

    I have enough of your piecec to know who makes these lovely hand stitched items.

    My apologies,

  5. LOL, Don't worry, I have mixed up links before now, it's easily done :0)
    Hugs, Julia xx

  6. Hi there Janice, if you use a needle on the bats and some invisible thread it makes it easy to hang them, (if you warm the clay up for a few seconds it makes it easier for the needle to go through :)) super glue the thread in the holes :)


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