Saturday, 5 June 2010

Nearly there....Finishing Touches and Window Displays.

I have mended the study window at last. It was the first one I made and it is not quite as well designed as the others bit I have managed to fit it which has allowed me to dress the ledge. I placed one of Kat's wonderful steam punk creations in the window alongside Kate's lovely pile of books that she made me as a gift when we met at KDF. There are also a couple of spell jars and a book on frogs that I purchased on Ebay. This photo also shows one of Julia's Bear Cabin Miniatures smiley pumpkin cushions looking very welcoming to a hard working witch! 
Next I added a few extra items to the sitting room window including some scrolls, spell bottles and one of Nikki's beautiful bead bottles which really catches the light in its window position.
The second window has had a spider, potion jars and spell jars added. Which means I only have to complete the kitchen, the potting area and all the climbers to decorate the outside. Not much then......!!
I seem to be delaying the kitchen, today it was tennis and gardening leading to a sense of complete exhaustion and tomorrow it will be a tennis match....I seem determined not to tackle it, I need a bit of inspiration at the moment, there are lots of pieces of furniture plus a collection of plates, jars, bowls and food that keep looking at me!
Monday, I will definitely get going with it. Oh I did have a small piece of luck though. A few weeks ago I managed to smash to pieces my gorgeous range. Then while I was sorting through a drawer I found a Warwick Miniatures range kit that I had bought on Ebay for about £6 months ago and forgotten about. With any luck I will be able to put it together and then paint. Which will mean not having to buy another. I have never bought anything from the Warwick miniatures collection so I hope it's not too difficult.


  1. I adore your windows, Janice. They never fail to catch my attention when you pop them on your blog :0)

    I'm sure your range kit will go together beautifully and will be a perfect replacement for your broken range.
    Julia xx

  2. I love what you have done with your windows!! How cool! So many great things!! Thank you for sharing!!


  3. Thanks ladies. It's funny when you start to reach the end of a long project, you almost don't want it to end.
    This house has been two years in the planning and making, now I have about 3 months work left I think.

  4. Gosh, so much to see and look at! I can see how long this has taken you, not only to buy and collect, but dressing the house too! :o)) I was looking for you book on frogs, I couldn't find it (yes, I'm nosey!. lol

    Make sure you select the right glue when you make your stove. I'd use a slow drying super glue and not the type that needs 24 hours to dry, UNLESS you have enough clamps etc to keep everything in place till it sets. :o))) Can't wait to see the kitchen Janice! :o)

    I've been making Bonnie Lavish flower kits and now my eyes are falling out of my head. I think you made some too? I bought the kits ages ago, but didn't have time or anywhere to put them! lol I think only the mad must want to make the dandelions and lawn daisy's (I am!) lol

    Michelle xxxx

  5. Hi Michelle, thanks for the tip. Glue is sometimes the bane of my life.

    I like the Bonnie Lavish kits cos the pieces aren't too small. One lot of kits I bought were just ridiculously small and so difficult to work with. I ended up throwing them away in sheer frustration!

    But they are a bit addictive, you sort of feel 'I've started so I will finish!' and just keep moving on until you can't see!

    Are these being prepared for Hogwarts?

  6. I totally agree about GLUE!!! Until recently, I have had zero success with gluing metal! :)

    Your details are truly amazing, dear. Mind bogglingly sumptuous ! The good thing about finishing a project is that you can build another!!! Horray ! :)

  7. I love your windows, Janice, and I'm so happy to hear that you have a stove kit as a possible replacement for the smashed range. I hope it goes together nicely!

    I know what you mean about feeling a bit sad as a project nears completion -- the thrill seems to be more (at least in my own case) in the planning and the creating than in the finished item!

  8. I particularly like the set of Pumpkin ware over the window. Looks exactly like what a charming witch would have! CM

  9. The set pumkin ware are from She does a fabulous Halloween range.

    I have already started my next project which is in build mode at the moment so at the moment I am flitting between both. But I promised myself I would finish the witch house and not leave lots of half jobs that never get finished.....

  10. Oh I wish I could do that Janice, that is my downfall, LOADs of unfinished projects. I just get bored so quickly and move on then move back later, but everything else then gets in the way! lol! The windows look amazing, bet your thrilled to bits with the whole look, its perfectly cluttered and full to the brim just as a witches house should be! Cant wait for the next project to evolve! Kate xxx

  11. Hi Janice,

    Yes, the weeds etc are for Hogwarts mostly. I've mad 3 daisy plant and one dandelion, I am about to start some more. As you say once you start you HAVE to finish! lol

    Michelle xx

  12. La ventana esta genial!!!
    Que cantidad de maravillas, es todo tan bonito, me encantan todas las cositas de brujas y a ti te va a quedar genial.
    Gracias por los enlaces, me encanta visitar tu blog y recibir tanta informacion.
    besitos ascension


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