Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Time to Put Away Spooky Things.......For a While!

I have been working on the furniture for my witch's kitchen. Although my witch keeps a lovely house she is definitely not very organised when it comes to the washing up! I bought this cute sink at Miniatura from Apollo Miniatures I think and simply stained and painted the sink. I have used scenic water to fill the very full sink and add dipped green gloop. She has certainly been busy!
The dresser is more or less complete. I have left a space on top for a hanging plant and a compartment at the bottom for a sleeping cat in his bed. The cat nest idea was given to me by Julia of Bear Cabin Miniatures but we would both really like it to be a dragon hidey hole! I have also added some linen and serviettes for the drawer.
The table too is all finished and full of lovely witchy items. I will probably add a few more pieces to the chairs once I have a new range in place. I got out the Kitchener in order to make it but I didn't have the proper glue. They recommend a epoxy cement whatever that is will have to take advice in Hobbyland or somewhere.
So I have decided to take a break from all things witchy and begin putting together my toyshop.

Late last year I saw this house listed on Ebay but with the windows on the left. I thought it would make a great corner shop for my street so I contacted the person listing the house and asked if they could make me one the other way round. They agreed and built me this super corner shop. It has three rooms and I have decided it's going to be more of an adult collectors shop with teddies and gollies on the ground floor, dolls and characters on the second floor with the large top floor displaying 144th dolls houses along with a toymaker building a dolls house.
I was really pleased with the house it's beautifully made and fully lit but I have discovered that having the house arrive 'ready to go' I have not got the same feel for it. I know that sounds strange but we just have not bonded yet! Weird as that sounds. Of course there are still lots of things to do with the shop and I will be changing certain bits and painting and adding so I hope I will think of it more as mine as I bring my own ideas to the house.
Tomorrow I will start painting some of the shop furniture and if I have time begin one of the 144th houses I bought at KDF. That should be a challenge!


  1. Your "witchy" things are lovely and I am sure your toy store will be, too! Once you start working with it, you will bond, rather like moving into a new house that someone else built. Eventually, you make it your own. :-D


  2. Hi Janice,
    Your sink and dresser look wonderful and I'm so glad you decided to go with the cat bed..or will it be a dragon bed in the end ;0)
    And now onto a new project! Your new toyshop looks like a wonderful building and I'm sure you'll bond and feel happoer with it once you start on your bits and pieces for it. I look forward to following to it's progress :0)
    Julia xxx

  3. Thanks ladies, I am sure you are right. Once I start getting my hands dirty it will soon feel like mine.
    I am looking foward to a little trip into my childhood memories.

  4. Beautiful furniture for the witch! And the house is great! And I agree with the ladies on the top of comments - once you start work in it you will love the entire house!:)

  5. I love how you always keep your work so "busy". I am one of those who think more is more most of the time :).

    I completely understand what you mean when you say when a house comes like how you should want it, bonding time takes longer. I think people like us just want to be able to have a hand in almost all the building stages. But I agree with Tabitha, once you start working on it, the bond will happen.:)

    Happy bonding!

  6. Hi Janice,your witchy thingd look wonderful, but you know me, I am now very much looking forward t seeing your toy shop fill up !!!
    Its a lovely building. I know exactly what you mean though about bonding LOL I am exactly the same and thats why I make all mine from kits, I have one I bought whole which I never did bond with but thats more to do with some design faults I just cant rectify rather than that is was ready built.
    have fun with this one :0)
    julie xxx

  7. I love your witchy project Janice but sometimes its good to stand back and work on other things. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your toyshop

    Debie xxx

  8. Pero que preciosidad, que cantidad de maravillosos detalles.
    Tu nuevo proyecto sera un exito, tien muy buena pinta.
    Gracias por los enlaces.
    besitos ascension

  9. Thank goodness I am not going completely do-lally! And that others have felt the same. I know that this will be my one and only ready to go house no matter how good the price.
    Like Julie I need to build from scratch, or from kit really.

    Thanks Sans, I must admit I do worry about going too busy but that's what is good about fantasy houses, there are not any rules.


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