Thursday, 17 June 2010

Toy Shop Interior................

This is the top floor of my toy shop. I really like the raftered roof and fireplace. I think I will put a 144th house inside the fireplace and have side tables for the rest of the dolls houses. This is also where my toy maker will have his working bench. The walls are white which I won't change as the toys and dolls will provide lots of colour. The floors are paper wood effect and I will change or paint these.

The middle floor for the dolls and perhaps a couple of prams if I come across any I like. Again a lovely fireplace in which I would like to display something special. I am going to take my time filling this shop as I would like to collect pieces which are from my childhood, so a bit retro.
Lastly the ground floor with the shop windows. Under the windows I will put benches so they can be seen from the outside but will not crowd the smallest room. There is a mock slate floor in this room which I will keep as I like it.
I have chosen a rich red for the shop furniture which I will try and distress using the wax technique. As this is really a gown up's shop so I think it deserves a rich, grown up colour. I have stained the pieces I have with a light oak stain, marked the edges with a candle and then painted with red emulsion from a match pot I had amongst my paints. I will see what they look like in the morning. If they look too much all together I will mix the rooms with painted and stained units. will be good to see the furniture in place then I can get a better feel for the house.

And tomorrow I am going to bring my lovely girlie home for the summer. This is the big move as everything has to come home and I will be washing for a week! Or at least I would be if my husband hadn't booked our plumber/builder to come in and take down the ceiling of the utility room - years of leaking showers - and re-vamp the whole room. Definitely the wrong time but on the positive side if I can't do the washing and ironing I have more time to work on the toy shop!!


  1. Very nice building. I like how the stairs are hidden away but still slightly visible.


  2. I have stolen this idea for my Witch E.T.Grubb's Emporium. Hiding the stairs also means no bannisters, hooray!

  3. Your shop is looking good, will wait to see how your furniture turns out, it sounds interesting, distressed. Sounds like you will be having a few hectic weeks with renovations going on, but nevertheless enjoyable with your daughter? at home.

  4. It's such a beautiful house, Janice -- and I think your colour scheme and layout will work marvellously!

  5. stairways take up so much room and are totally useless....unless they happen to be the elegant grand ballroom stairs. Even then I think i'd rather have the space to decorate ;-D


  6. The shop has good proportions, and looks lovely. We'll look forward to seeing its progress!

  7. It looks fab, I love the roof and the hidden stairs :)

  8. It looks beautiful. Can't wait to see this progress.

  9. It is true, it is a very beautiful building!!

  10. I love your toyshop and I'm very curious about the toys you'll collect for it, I also can't wait to see the furniture you 'pimped'!
    I know what you mean about getting a beter 'feel' for the house when the furniture is in, I somethimes make some improvised cardboard furniture shapes to get a better feeling of what it will look like all together.
    Anyway, I love your projects, I also love following your witch E.T. Grub's project!

    Good luck with the plumbing situation!

  11. Janice, looks great already and love the sound of the colours your using. it is going to be a big shop! Im picking up our daughter too wednsday, to move back home. She has 3 months off before Uni and we are excited to have all those weeks for girly shopping trips!!hoping she'll help me out with some of my houses too! Kate xxx

  12. tienen usted unas ideas geniales, espero con impaciencia seguir sus progresos.
    un abrazo

    They have you a few brilliant ideas, I expect to follow eagerly his progresses.
    An embrace

  13. Janice, te va a quedar una tienda preciosa, tienes grandes ideas y eres muy trabajadora.
    Las vigas quedan genial.
    Las escaleras por lo general son un estorbo en las casitas y en cambio las tuyas quedan de maravilla y le dan mucha personalidad a la casa.
    La idea de poner juguetes de cuando tu eras pequeña es perfecta, sera bonito buscar las piezas.
    Tienes mucho trabajo por delante pero seguro que lo disfrutas!!!
    besitos ascension

  14. Hi ladies I have finally escaped from the clutches of my washing machine and while I sit and watch the gorgeous Rafa Nadal I can blog.

    Hi Tabitha, I agree with you completely. I hate all the messing with stairs. I never get the bannisters right and I prefer filling the space with 'things'!

    Hi Kate, it is lovely when they come home - for about a month and then they get bored! Luckily Grace has a field trip as part of her degree early September and a holiday booked so she should be able to cope with boring old home!

  15. Ola Contar y Ascension, muchas gracias para leer mi blog. Tengo mucha trabajar para completir la jugueteria pero es muyagradable.
    No me gusta las escalares porque son muy grandes en mis tiendas.



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