Friday, 11 June 2010

Where Has the Week Gone?.........

I have no idea where this week has gone. I seem to have wandered around worrying about exams and pirates. Nothing to do with my own life, my two youngest have had their last exams and my oldest son is on a sail boat travelling between the islands of Indonesia.
Are they at all concerned? of course not they are already moving on to the next party or the next adventure!! I am supposed to part of a generation of parents who live vicariously through the lives of their children, I just seem to have taken on all the concern without any of the adventures!!!!
I have managed to concentrate enough to start on the kitchen furniture. None of it is stuck down yet I am still playing with it but what do you think? I have a few gaps and some jars have yet to be labelled any ideas about what else I can add? I am thinking of making some linen for one of the drawers, plates and things under the dresser and more fresh veg under the table.

The dresser is from Rob Lucas I think and is simply stained and then treated with linseed oil. The potions are a mixture of my own and bought ones. The lovely crochet baskets are from Nikki as are the fab trio of flasks. the wooden bowls are part of a set from AJ Miniatures on Ebay. My books are from Treefeathers and the little silver charms are from Ebay I think. I want to tarnish the charms but have not worked out how to do that yet.
Two chairs waiting to be further dressed but the rocking chair is for the owner of the house so I won't do much more with that. The owl cushions are from Julia and are perfect for my kitchen setting. I think all the furniture is from Rob Lucas who sells through mail order and shows. I really like his pieces not only because they are beautifully made but they are scaled so perfectly.
Again I an still paying with these pieces so nothing has been stuck down yet. Nikki's pieces are scattered and include the mushroom board, the bead bottles, the toffee jar and the dragon skin. The fab basket of vegetables underneath the table is from Mouse House Miniatures.
The super self pouring cauldron I bought from Ebay ages ago and have had it packed away in cotton wool afraid I would break it before even putting it in place.


These shelves are for over the sink and under the stairs and I have been brave and stuck these pieces down!
I love the brown and cream pottery from Grandads's Miniatures and went through my usual angst of - you have these beautiful pieces why mess them up by adding stuff too them? But they are supposed to be part of a working kitchen so they should look as if someone is using them, shouldn't they? Says she who has a whole dresser full of china that only gets used when it it gets dusty enough to need washing. But you know what I mean!
The tins of pumpkin soup were a bit of an extravagance from My Tiny World but I had to have them. 


  1. I love the dresser! It already is superbly fullfilled. It looks absolutely fab!
    Keep my fingers crossed for your son's safe adventures:)

  2. Hi, thank you. I am sure he will be fine. I just get anxious every so often as he is gone for such a long time and it seems so far away.

  3. Everything looks just fabulous, I love it all! I've looked through all pictures enlarged, there are so many wonderful details to look at :)

    After seeing so many witches houses, I have to have one also, already started to collect things for it - just need Nikki to do some minies again :D

    Have a wonderful weekend,


  4. I think it looks perfect, Janice. Each vignette makes a wonderful picture, and they clearly all go together harmoniously. Julia's cushions look so sweet! And I agree that the furniture you bought looks perfectly in scale -- did you buy them at a show? Too bad Mr Lucas doesn't have a website!

  5. WOW!! its beautifully colourful and wild I love it all! The furniture is fantastic I wonder does he have a website Janice? The more stuff the better I think, a witch is always messy and hoards stuff so youve got the look perfectly! i LOVE Julias cushions and must ask her to make one for Gertrudes house. How lovely they look in the chairs! dont worry too much, easier said than done, Im sure they are having the time of their lives! Kate xxx

  6. This IS fab! WOW! You've been so busy (as usual Janice), you put me to shame! lol I LOVE the dresser and was going to ask where you bought it...Rob Lucus? I can't believe that I completely bypassed his stand at KDF!!!

    I use that tacky wax under most of my mini's otherwise things seem to fall off(especially when I put my hand in! lol) willy nilly and it's a constant battle to redress it lol.

    You have some fab mini's! Have you started on the stove yet?

    My Summer House is nearly ready for me to move into and yes, you are right winter is a great time to be out there. :o)

    Michelle xxx

  7. Hi Ira, you will put us all to shame when you join the witchy gang by finishing off a house in the same amount of time it takes me to decide how to arrange a room!
    It is great fun though cos there are no rules to your design.

  8. Hi Mezzo,
    Mr Lucas does not have a website but he does do mail order through his catalogue. His email is and phone 01322 862680.

  9. Hi Michelle,
    check previous post for Rob Lucas' email. They do mail order and are very helpful.
    Have not started to stove yet, looking in the box was enough for me. I am tempted to see if I can get one made for me by Sussex Crafts with a chimney piece.

  10. Hi Kate,
    some days I don'e think of him hardly at all it's when I actually know he is doing something dangerous. He dives you see and for me the actual thought of going under all that water is terrifying! Silly I know and once he's on dry land I will feel much better.
    Julia's cushions are lovely aren't they and she is always so helpful.

  11. Nice assortment. That is great pottery, too, I agree.

  12. De tan bien hecho, que hasta miedo me dio ( ;
    ¡Muy lindo!

  13. Wow, I love your dresser, its full of so many lovely bits and pieces, I didn't know where to look first :0) On your 2 empty shelves, I would put linen and cloths in the top one and a little bed for a cat or a baby dragon on the bottom one!
    It's lovely to see my stitchings in their new home, the owls look very at home :0)
    Julia xxx

  14. Hi Julia, managed to put in the correct link this time!
    I love the idea of a comfy cat. I have been looking for a mini dragon for ages but have not come across the right one...yet. I will keep looking though.

  15. Hi Janice,

    thank you for visiting my blog! ;) i'm glad that i found yours too!
    everything looks so perfect, especially the table with vegetable cooking preparation on it. its wonderful! ;)
    and don't worry Janice, they will be just fine. i wish your youngest children will pass their exam, and your oldest son, i'm sure he will discover a lot of beautiful scenery along his journey, and come back home safe ;)


  16. Heh Janice this all looks wonderful. I love all the little details. Super! Carol xox

  17. Hi Janice!

    Thank you for all those kind words, it warmed my heart!

    About the bottles, if you want to do that it's okay with me. So fun that you want to show some of my creations, thank you!:D

    I also tried to send you mail, but i don't know if it worked, so i answer you here also:)

    Have a nice evening.


  18. Hi Star,
    I have displayed your fabulous bead work tonight. Have been a bit behind this week, as I have the real builders in who make a lot more mess and noise than I do!

  19. ¡Creo que va ha quedar una cocina muy hermosa! hay tanta cantidad de detalles que no se cual decir que es mas bonito, ¡me encantan todos! saludos


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