Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Found a Moment.......

Have not managed to do much on my projects lately, the real world has had to take priority but I have been shopping during half-time! I bought this on Ebay, built and primed. Now I know I said I would not go for a built house again but this has just been built and primed, so all the good stuff is left to do. It is my first Diagon Alley shop. This will be quite an expensive project so I am taking my time looking for bargains like this on Ebay. They will all be two storey shop buildings and as much as I like the Sid Cooke range I would prefer to spend most of the budget on the insides of my shop. So would love to find six bargains like this one.

I was also lucky enough to win one of Kate's Ebay lots. all shop furniture ready to be part of my new Diagon Alley stash. Kate also sent me a whole package of 'stuff' for my many on-going projects, I love surprise goodie bags like this, they remind me of the jamboree bags I used to buy as a kid, full of hidden treasure and promise. Thank you Kate and I hope you are some way nearer your next treasure!
  What a fab jamboree bag, I love the insects in the glass beads.
Then I received another package from Lorraine of DFly Creations who has a Etsy shop full of interesting item covering all sorts of collectables for the dolls house.
 Lovely accessories all very well made with prompt delivery, just how we all like our purchases to be. The melted candles are super.
And of course I had to buy a couple of these.....
I am an absolute sucker for Nikki's work and was lucky enough to purchase a couple of these brooms, again for my Diagon Alley stash. It took me two years to get everything together for my witch house and Witch E.T.Grubb's Emporium and I have still had to source a lot more so I know I am in for a long haul!
I have also been able to start work on the distressed furniture in the toyshop. I am quite pleased with the overall result. I think the bears look as if they belong and I will have fun looking for lots of little teddies as the years moves on. I have also ordered a bench to sit under the front window but inside. I hope this will give the impression of a square shop floor. I am waiting for other pieces of unfinished furniture to arrive for the top floors, painting these is something I can do at odd times which is all I am getting at the moment!
Still one day they will all be gone........and I'll be looking after my parents! Apparently I am one of the 'sandwich' generation!


  1. This is a great kit Janice and just as good as Sid Cooke in my humble opinion! :o) Do you have a plan in your head how are going to do yours? I'm having paperclay on the outside and in Rik Pierce style.

    I like how the staircase disappears in the toy shop, very unusual. ;o) You also have some fab new mini's to play with too, and Kate is so generous! :o))

    I know it takes forever and a day to collect pieces and I've only a few bits for my own Diagon Alley. I'm going to be asking for one of the shops as a Christmas pressie, that will help! lol I have other projects I'd prefer to do first, however, I could change my mind as I love all things witchy etc! lol

    Sorry I've missed some posts of yours, but I've been busy. :o(

    Michelle xxx

  2. Beautiful building. I never see such wonderful bargains.
    Lovely purchases and gifts too!

    Nikki xxx

  3. Your new building is fabulous. I love it.

  4. What a spread! I bet you feel like a kid in a candy store!

    Glad you liked my items and that they all arrived safely :)

  5. Oh, I can't wait to see your shop(s) getting together! I know about the collecting, I'm currently collecting stuff for vampire roombox, Indian/oriental setting, witches house, black&white house, NY apartment, Savannah house and trying to convince myself that I really can't fit a Harry Potter inspired house anywhere :D

  6. Wow, Janice! What a gorgeous collection of objects and a lovely post. I love the shop you got on eBay -- it looks perfect and now you just get to do the fun stuff :) Great gifts from Kate and purchases from Lorraine and Nikki. And I ADORE the red-finished furniture in your toyshop. It just looks fabulous!

  7. Janice if you have already got a message from me ignore this but Im not sure if I pressed the post comment before I quit your page doh! Glad you like the furniture , it will look cool when all painted up, there are some good display cabinets there ideal for Diagon alley! I love getting goddies parcles too and you were so kind with Lola's so your welcome! I have a house similar to this in style just abit wider and going to sell it if your interested let me know, saves me listing it lol! it may go well in Diagon, it is 2 floors but you could hinge the roof and have a 3rd and it has a nice bay window. Can send you pics if you like? Love Lorraine and Nikkis minis of course, cant resist either of them either but had the exhibition yesterday so didnt get online and missed out, so sad!! Kate xx

  8. Well I thought it was a Sid Cooke house. I've only seen a few but it looked like one to me.

    I love it and all the grunt work is done...perfect clean slate.

    You have some wonderful things to fill it as well :-)

  9. Hi Michelle, I pleased with this little house. The Diagon Alley of my imagination will have some shops from the books and some made up by me. There will definitely be a 'Roots and Shoots' a herbalist plant shop run by Neville and Luna though.

  10. Hi Ladies, I am lucky to be able collect so many lovely things and Blogland remains a constant source of kindness and inspiration.

  11. Hi Janice,

    I am still smiling with the vision of your multi-coloured wedding topper!!! Such fun. I love this new shop you bought. You are so so lucky to be able to buy things like this on eBay. Most eBayers simply won't send actual dolls houses to Ireland (I suppose because of the weight/postage cost) and I get so disheartened seeing all the bargains available!

    Your witchy items are fantastic. Look forward to seeing more. Have a great weekend, Hugs, Carol xoxox


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