Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Something to Show......

I thought I would post these photographs from Star's blog My Own Wonderland. I came across them the other night and thought they were fab and Star has given me permission to show them here on my own blog.

Star says she has been inspired by bead bottles she has seen recently. I think these fish are really funky.
A creepy hand and the next group are my favourites.
 A group of otctupi -is that right? Aren't they fun. Lastly a more romantic group.

If you have the time pop over to Star's Blog and say hello. She is from Norway and makes lovely things and is very friendly.


  1. My favorite is the octupi (spelled right?) Thank you for the comment on leftcoast I just want to make sure you know MY chairs are made from flyswatters with the handle chopped off, melted in the oven then sprayed silver. They are not the Fancy schmancy ones
    by any means... (99cents!)C

  2. Si que son preciosas, la de octopus o pulpo como le llamamos en España son muy originales,gracias por mostrarlas,saludos

  3. Wow these are wonderful....I just love the octupi.


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