Tuesday, 13 April 2010

What is the correct form? Copying vs Inspiration

I was feeling a little low today as the house seemed very empty with both of my eldest children back at uni and my youngest off coaching tennis at our local club.
Then I looked up and saw this sign hanging on the wall of my work room and I had to smile. My 'baby', he's 17, bought me this as a mother's day present and it is the best present I have recieved for many a year. Not just for the fun - my birthday is actually Halloween - but the fact that he had tracked it down on Ebay, ordered it himself and paid for it himself!! Which I have to say is a pretty big step for a boy who has bought me the same toiletries, from the same shop for the last ten years and never goes shopping unless under threat of death from his elder sister at Christmas time!
My low spirits were cleared away and I set about doing my chores in a much happier frame of mind.

On another point I was reading a blog that was dealing with the subject of the copying of work and ideas. Can someone tell me what the form is regarding the publishing of work that has been inspired by other artists. For example I have built a florist shop, within that project I have put together a potting table which is an amalgamation of ideas from lots different items seen in Blogland and at fairs. Is it ok to show this piece in my Blog as my own work?


  1. We all do that and look at others work and take concepts from various places. I always look at my friend debie from piskies work and she always inspires me to make something, but i never do the same. When she made her pumpkin pram it inspired me to make the moon pram. Plus the way she can make mess has helped me to start making mess in my own work. I just studied how she gets messy with her tables and have used this to help me in my own way make mess too, but not in the same way.
    The sewing table im making at the moment i took inspirtion from kats blog and also from another lady that doesnt seem to blog anymore that made a trunk. Both of these together got me thinking about items needed, but i turned it into my own creation.
    I think it is when people copy your work in such a direct way and then sell it its not right. For personal use i dont think it matters but to so openl sell items it has to be wrong.
    I really wouldnt worry!

  2. Glad your spirits were lifted too and that's a lovely present from your son. I too would find it extra special.
    Nikki xxx

  3. Hi Janice, maybe it was my blog you was reading today? I have no problem with people using my ideas or what I have made as inspiration. I think if we are truthful, everyone does that, be it a Film, a piece of Art work etc. What I object to is people copying the work of Artists, then passing these ideas off as their own and selling inferior copies or claiming the work is One Of A Kind.
    Please don't be worried about showing your work, on your blog. Hope that's answered your question. xxx

  4. yes, of course it is fine to show, and tell everyone about your work! Unless it is an exact copy, or obvious that you "borrowed" someones idea, I think it is fine. I draw inspiration from many of my fellow artists! I try NOT to copy anyones work, as I want my pieces to be my own, and have my unique flare, or spin on things. Many times I have seen anothers work, that I was certain one of my pieces may have inspired! I feel honored when this happens. Thanks for becoming a new follower of my blog, I hope to get to know you better soon! xoxox Christel

  5. Hello Janice, my birthday is on nov.1st, I always say I just missed being a witch LOL
    Love your plaque and no wonder it makes you smile :0)
    as for the copying v inspiration, I think if you have been inspired by lots of work and used this inspiration to create your own thats great :0)
    Where copying is wrong for me is when something is copied almost exactly then claimed as your own.
    We're all inspired by each other and thats a good thing as it leads to some amazing work:0)
    julie xxx

  6. Thanks ladies, I feel much happier now. I have taken much inspiration from many of your pieces but I do love to buy too!


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