Friday, 23 April 2010

50 Follower Give Away Draw on Monday Night......

Thank you all for signing up for my first give away. I will do the draw on Monday night to allow for weekend browsers. All you have to do is sign up as a follower and add your comment to any post before Monday. If you want to tell your own followers on your own blogs that's fine with me. This is my first try so I'm not quite sure of the form but the more the merrier!
Here is a picture of my second project 'Truly Scrumptious' a bakery and roof top cafe. I bought it as an unfinished kit from  lovely lady in Scotland who packed it beautifully despite its size and weight. I decided on a yellow and blue colour scheme with pine shop fittings. It is not quite finished, I have still to finish off the cakes but like many others before me, the next project always seems more alluring!

I will give a better view of the interior over the next couple of weeks which might get me off mini gardening and back into cake making!
On a totally different subject, watching 'Lost' at the moment and yes I am absolutely lost......if it finishes with '.......and it was only a dream' I think I will sue!  


  1. Congratulations, you've reached the 50 followers. I really enjoy the contest. You will probably soon have more followers
    greetings Ingrid

  2. Hello, I would love to be added to your giveaway ^^

  3. Janice, this is a fabulous shop! I gave up watching Lost after the 1st episode.

  4. Hola: me encantan Tus Plantas y PRECIOSAS SEE hijo teteras.

  5. Pero la fantástica idea de panaderia Una Recrear y resultados por los sueros El final realmente muy bueno.
    Un saludo


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