Wednesday, 7 April 2010

One down, five to go....

Following my very first trip to Miniatura I realised that there was much more fun to be had collecting pieces from real artists rather than rely on the standard catalogues. I also wanted to have a go at making some of my own pieces.
Thus I was re-introduced to all those lovely items I had long forgotten about both as a child and when being creative with my own children. I hunted for clay, paints,glitters and glues like a woman possessed by a rather greedy eight year old!
So The Manor House shows my first attempts at trying for that ever so casual approach to room dressing that is difficult to define really but so apparent in the really talented dolls house builders. I know I cheated with the Reutter pieces which come beautifully dressed but they did give me confidence that I could quite easily produce furniture pieces of my own.
For a newbie I was really pleased with the results of the teenager's room as I felt it had that scattered feeling but now I know it's all too 'clean' and reads the edges smoothing. Ah one day!Again in the dining room you can see my attempts at providing the room with ambiance are a little too clinical. In my enthusiasm for my new hobby I bought too many things that seemed good value rather than what was really needed. A habit my wardrobe also shows signs of! But I was at least trying to experiment now and had made good inroads into my second project - Truly Scrumptious - a bakery and cake shop with a roof garden cafe.
Like many before me I had discovered that Ebay was a great place for unfinished and unwanted dolls houses. Having built a DHE house already I was a little blinkered in my searching but eventually purchased a part built 3-storey house with a roof terrace. I think it was called Dr Watson's house, something like that. It came all the way from Scotland with lots of goodies as extras so I began playing with fimo in earnest attempting to fill the bakery with tasty treats.
I will share the results of this new avenue of creativity tomorrow if the light improves, so grey and wet today!

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