Friday, 9 April 2010

The Ones We Love.....

When I came home from the dreaded weekly Sainbury's run this afternoon my poor florist shop had been attacked by a giant cat!!  This is my much loved moggie 'the one with a stripe', he has got a name but I have never learnt if he is Dandy or Felix. As you might have guessed his brother is 'the one without the stripe'. Such eccentricities further convince my children that their mother is going round the twist. Hey ho, what can I say.
He certainly looked very comfortable amongst the debris of my roof top garden centre and the trouble was I couldn't do anything rash because I needed him to stay really calm to avoid too much wreckage. In the end I just left him to nap and he climbed out very daintily all on his own. Hmmmm....I was once told that orange peel would stop unwanted cats making themselves at home in your flowerbeds, perhaps I need to find lots of half peeled mini oranges to scatter amongst the potted plants!

Both of my big children have returned to their respective unis this week. Can anyone explain to me how the return of two 'independent' and potty trained young adults can cause so much upheaval? It also amazes me how clothes that have not seen an iron in three months now have to be fit to worn at a passing out parade! So between washing, ironing, feeding, listening and laughing I have not had a lot of mini time but I wouldn't swop any of this time I have with these fun youngsters. Two down, one to go and then it will be me and the hubbie - thank the lord for minis!!


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwww he looks so at home lol I hope you managed to sort out the mess he left behind! Roz xx

  2. It wasn't too bad thankfully just a few flattened flowers and scattered pots. Cats are the devil for finding the most inappropriate places for their naps!

  3. He looks very cozy in that dollhouse, so cute though ^^

  4. LOL Janice, I have the same problem with my cats , leave any part of a dolls housde open and you will find a cat in it !
    As for going round the we left for a shopping trip yesterday my neighbour asked who I was waving at....yes you guessed...the cat LOL
    Have fun with your kids while they are home :0)
    julie xxx

  5. Somehow cats just love mini houses and rooms:)

  6. Oh Janice, I don't think I can stay this calm if it is mine! I always face the back of the houses against the walls so my Xerxes could not get anywhere near my furniture!


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