Monday, 19 April 2010

What a lovely week-end...

There are some weekends that just work out lovely. You ignore all the chores, you don't have to take anyone anywhere, you don't have to collect anyone from the depths of the country cos their car has broken down and you don't have to attend any gatherings that bore you silly.
This type of weekend does not happen often but when it does I embrace the feeling and leave the washing machine well and truly shut.
As well as minitures I have another hobby which I love - I play tennis and this weekend our summer season of matches began. I started playing quite late, I was a very unsporty 37 year old, joined a local club and decided to get involved. Being of a slightly addictive disposition one lesson a week was not enough and gradually I joined teams to play competitively.
This weekend I played for our ladies team in the first of our league matches and we won which was brilliant and then on Sunday I played a mixed match with my youngest son. Like all family partnerships these events can sometimes be very fraught and I am always a little tense when we play together but it was a delight. The sun shone, had lots of quality time with my son and the opposition were friendly and fair.
With so much tennis my husband took over cooking duties so I was able to collapse onto the sofa last night. So no mini time but a lovely weekend none the less
I found the tennis graphic on a site that has lots of vintage images which are useful for all types of scenes and projects The Graphics Fairy if you don't know of it it's certainly worth a browse.

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