Wednesday, 21 April 2010

More Teapot Photographs

For those of you who enjoyed looking at these teapots I have added a couple of extra photographs which show them a little better. Now I have finished this part of the project I am going to miss getting these gorgeous items in the post!
I did get out the dreaded fimo today and had quite a happy time making potted mandrakes, not quite in the league of what I have seen in Blogland but better than I expected. The light was too bad by the time I had finished so I will post tomorrow.
We have had another lovely sunny day today, doesn't it make a difference to your day....


  1. Janice there's always Room for a few more Teapots LOL.
    I've also had the clay out today, just need finishing and I'll post pictures tomorrow. xx

  2. You have a seriously enviable collection of gorgeous teapots there! :o)
    Yep, the sun makes ALL the difference and while it's been shining I have been attempting to sort out my garden so no clay-playing for me again today .... I shall run out of excuses soon though and force myself to be all creative again LOL looking forward to seeing what you've made

  3. Beautiful collection Janice. I love the starfish as well.

    You'll get there with the mandrakes..clay just takes practice :-)

  4. Thank you Janice. for showing more of those gorgeous teapots.

  5. Gracias por las fotos!!!
    Son magnificas.
    Mañana me pasare a ver tus mandragoras!!!
    besitos ascension

  6. Oh boy, those teapots are just FABULOUS! You really have a small treasure there :)


  7. Thanks ladies. I was lucky enough to spot this seller when she fisrt started on Ebay and got most of mine at a very reasonable price. She has now become much more popular so her prices have gone up which is good for her as she deserves it.


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