Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A Few Jobs Done......

I have had a very happy time making up this display table for my florist/gift shop. I still have a couple of pots to add but they have not arrived yet. I wanted an extra large table and finally found one from Rob Lucas Miniatures at Miniatura which I have painted in the shop's theme colours. The teapot collection is all purchases made on Ebay from the very talented Sarah Brown and J.Dunn. It was Sarah's pieces that made me decide to turn the second floor into a gift area because I loved her teapots so much.
I have also added some of the plant kits I have made lately and the beautiful Siamese cat by Sarah at Pocket People. I just adore him and am hoping to buy another of her cats at Kensington in May.  

Underneath the table I have placed painted pots, vases and bowls mostly from Braxton Payne a US company who sell a huge range of clay pottery in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I usually try to avoid buying items from the US because of the customs lottery having been twice charged £8 by Royal Mail for 'processing'. These items had a value of less than £10 and were as you would expect very tiny, not quite sure what Royal Mail do to earn this £8. Any ideas?
Well anyway, the pottery from Braxton Payne is of such quality that I am prepared to take the risk of the extra charge.
Can you see the cute bird boxes? There is a super company Matlock Miniatures who supply all sorts of whitewood furniture for both houses and shops that I have used on a number of projects. Their shelving units are brilliant for anyone in the process of shop fitting.   

I have also put together the first support of my witch house, remember I made the paper clay frames? Here are three of them in place plus I have planted one of the beds. Now I know it does not look very witchy but my witch is of the wise old woman kind not the Wicked Witch of the West kind. She grows herbs and flowers for her spells and potions, more of a Nanny Ogg for any Terry Pratchett fans, friendly and knowing.
The flower bed looks quite jolly I think. A bright mix of different types. I am especially pleased with the daffodils from Templewood Miniatures.
I do want to try and make some mandrakes both with fimo and paperclay cos they are such fun. My tiles are all in the garage at the moment and I am not sure I can dig them out. Or am I only making excuses so that I can avoid the fimo? No I will give it a go before Kensington so if they are a disaster I can look for some there. 


  1. Es una maravilla, ver una mesa con tantos tesoros....que bonitas son las teteras.
    Y tus plantas te han quedado genial, enhorabuena!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Thanks for your visit and your lovely comments. I am happy because I have discovered your blog
    Love the teapots collection and all the table composition.
    Un beso ;)

  3. Ola Ascension, muchas gracias para tu mensaje agradable. Encantiando hacer las plantas.

  4. Ooh it all looks so great together.

    Braxton Payne's pottery is wonderful I agree. I am lucky not to have to worry about the customs charges though. It looks great in those colors.

    The paperclay plants came out really well.

  5. Hi Tallulah, thank you so much for your encouraging comments. I have seen your work which is absolutely beautiful so your appreciation is much valued.

  6. Janice I love the colours you've used on the table and the Teapots are wonderful. The House supports look great. xxx

  7. I need a long table like that too :). It's so difficult to find one that suits you, isn't it? Your teapot collection is one of the more amazing ones I have seen :).

  8. I love your table, pots and your colorful teapots!
    The siamese cat is great! and I like the idea of the wise old woman witch...everething looks very nice!

  9. I am having a ball with all the tasks I have going on at the moment. Once the house kits are finally finished you can get on with the pretty bits!
    Thanks ladies,


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