Friday, 30 September 2011

The Cauldron Shop......Thank Goodness for Indian Summers!!

Here in England we are experiencing the most wonderful Indian Summer which is proving to be a great help with the interior of my latest build.
The Paper Perfect walls and ceilings are drying rapidly.
 I have been able to fix in the false doors with their door furniture and left a gap for the fireplace.
 I haven't bothered putting in skirting board on two of the walls as they will be more or covered by shop shelving.
 I am really pleased with the door. I have glued them onto a thin plate of balsa to make them stand away from the wall slightly. This meant I could 'plaster' right up to the edge of the door as I am not having any architrave around the doors.
 Luckily I remembered to screw the hinges in before 'plastering' the walls. That is a first for me!
I have put in the wood for the false fireplaces. They will each be individually tiled, have their own lit fireplace and hanging cauldron.
On this side I will have a range with lots of pots and pans bubbling away.....not sure yet. 
Still trying to work out how I am going to make the cauldron towers. Michelle has suggested ping pong balls, which I like....I think water bomb balloons and paper mache? Hmmm, lots to think about.
I have also begun painting all the windows, doors, shelving etc. First coat cream, then at least two coats of deep red. Then eventually black to finish when I will rub them all down and hopefully all the different paint layers will show through in an aged effect. I did use a crackle paint on the first coat of cream but not a single crackle has appeared. I can never seem to get any of these crackle products to work, anyone know of a really good one?

All in all a good day's work for once and a whole weekend of sunshine to look forward to.


  1. It all looks really great and I am so thrilled the hot weather has been a bonus - fab timing too I might add! lol

    The beam work is fab and really looks old and worn. :o) You matched the doors etc to the upper floor perfectly! :o))))

    When I distress and age the window frames I use the finest grade sand paper there is, it takes the most subtle amount off. If it's too coarse it tends to scratch rather than have an aged effect.

    The cauldron's are a pain...paper mache might be a tad flimsy. Do you want various sizes? I will have another think if so. :o)

    The showing and appearance of hinges is a huge pet hate for me! lol

    Michelle xxx

  2. Dear Janice, I'm very curious to see the store 'installed'. I'm sure it will be beautiful. I really like the door and the floor.

  3. The room is looking already great and you did a wonderful job with the door !!! Jeannette x

  4. The Door and fireplaces are fabulous, a great idea! DId you make all the shelves yourself?? Im not one for the heat, old fuddyduddy that Im getting lol, and waiting for the lovely autumnal weather to set in, but I do agree its good for getting minis done! xxx

  5. Loving how the cauldron shop is coming along. I have used the ball from a roll on deoderant to make a cauldron before. They are much sturdier than ping pong balls and do come in different sizes, though it is more difficult to cut the top off. I have a stash of them if you want to try it.

    natalie x

  6. You may want to check with Katie of Katie's Clay Corner for crackle paint but she's in the States.

    I love that door to bits.

  7. Looking good :0) I love your door and floor. Look forward to seeing it all come together
    Julia xxx

  8. Love the door:) And we here have indian summer too:)

  9. Lovely creations, here in Belgium same weather as a summer no autum!Have a nice sunday.

  10. I LOVE that door Janice! The whole project looks fabulous :)

  11. Thanks ladies for all the encouragement and advice. It is so satisfying when things look how you had imagined them.

  12. Hi Natalie, thanks for the deoderant idea but I will need the sizes to vary so that they can be stacked as if toppling.

  13. Crackle effect, this works when using acrylics on wood. Paint your undercoats, let dry or use heat gun/hairdryer. Paint with a solution of PVA glue and water. Dry until tacky then cover with your topcoat. Whilst it is still wet use a heat gun (can be more precise on area covered)you should then see a crackle. I suggest you just try it on a random piece first. I just wish I was as talented as you in putting things together.


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