Friday, 23 September 2011

The Cauldron Shop.......I Think I Like The Tiles?!

I have been a busy beaver today but it does not feel as if I have done very much.
I have laid the floor tiles on the ground floor. I have used Richard Stacey's 3/4 inch antique floor tiles but I will be distressing them a little more especially around the fire places. I do like his products as they are very easy to use.
 I always use PVA glue to stick them straight to the dolls house..
.......wait for them to dry overnight and then I will grout the whole floor. This is the most fiddly part but it is worth doing.
 I have started the two false doors which are basically pieces of balsa that I have shaped and then drawn in the panels. They will now need to be distressed, painted/stained and fitted with some cast iron door furniture.
 I always struggle with shop fittings. Mostly because I never seem to be able to work out how to make the shelving look like it all belongs together.
So this time I purchased some very basic bookshelves. I have removed all the exterior moulding to create a very basic carcass.
I have glued two units making a piece for two of the walls. I want to use these shelves on the upper floor for the items every witch should have in the kitchen......
These will be tarted up with moulding and then painted in the Cauldron's colours. I am thing black on red, crackled and distressed and waxed.
Oh and I did cut all of the wooden mouldings for the inside of the shop including the full length fire place, which means I have a whole pile of balsa waiting to be sanded, distressed, stained and waxed!!
This is definitely the last project I am doing for a while that uses "wood"in this way!

Have a great trip to Miniatura everyone that is heading to Birmingham this weekend. Sooooo want to go!
Good luck to all the wonderful sellers that I know are attending. 
Have a fun weekend everyone. 


  1. The tiles are wonderful. I love the doors.
    Hugs Maria

  2. I can't keep up with you now! lol

    I'm not done a crackle glaze, I have the stuff but not used it. My Hogwarts doors were made like yours, but from MDF, which is why I made my own. Your's for the same reason will be so much easier to stain and age. :o))) Fabulous doors I might add too.

    I don't mind wood work, I don't mind staining and waxing. Painting is more long winded especially now the cooler weather is here as it takes longer to dry. :o(

    Michelle xxx

  3. What great tiles you have made. I myself is doing false doors but I am having an issue with how to place them to my wall. So I will be looking forward to see how you will be doing

  4. Looking forward to seeing how your Cauldron shop is going to come together Janice. Nikki, did a brilliant tutorial, on how to make Cauldrons on her blog some time ago. Here's the link:-

  5. I'm really enjoying how everything is going!

  6. Love that you are doing a Diagon alley shop too, I´m really exited to see how it´s progressing. And I have to admit, I´m a bit jalous of the frog cauldron you have bought. It is fabulous!

  7. Hi ladies, there always seems so much to do at the beginning doesn't there. I get a bit bogged down in what to do, in what order and what I need to order......
    I forget that the most important thing is to Do!!!!

  8. It looks like great progress here and I'm sure you'll find a use for the trims from the bookcases someday


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