Monday, 26 September 2011

West Dean Chilli Festival.....Inspiration for Flower Makers

For quite a few years now we have been attending the West Dean Chilli Festival in Sussex. We make a weekend of it, stay somewhere nice in the area, have a nice meal and visit the festival on the Sunday. It is a fabulous day out for all foodies but especially for those who love spicy food.
This year I too lots of photos of the green houses to share because they are simply fabulous.
West Dean is an agricultural school as well as a spectacular venue so the walled garden is full of inspiration for anyone who makes miniature gardens, conservatories or flowers.  
This is a spectacular grape-vine. 
 These vines are trained within an inch of their life!
 This is the vine's main trunk. Just asking to be the model for a spooky tree!
 The whole tree in all its splendour.
 This green house is one of my favourites. I just love this arch of tomatoes!
 What a great way to grow the ever present summer fruit.

 Never seen a white aubergine before.......
 Chillis, of course....
 ......lots of them.....
 The most fabulous hanging plants. I think they are called pitcher plants?
 How great would they look in miniature.

 Lastly lots of beautiful flowers.... every colour.....

 ........every shape......
 .....and even larger.....
 Lastly, hanging melon plants.
 I did not know the plants were so strong.
 These lovelies are supported in their individual string baskets.
I would love to visit West Dean just to wander through the gardens but it is a horrendous journey from North London. If you do live closer have a look at their website as I think they have all sorts of events all through the year.


  1. WOW! Oh Janice, this is really something to see. I can't get over the vine's main trunk and such beautiful flowers.. Now I have never seen a picture plant before... Looks a little like they could be dancing in the air..
    Thank you so much for the tour.

  2. ¡Unas fotos estupendas de unas maravillosas plantas y frutos y flores! Gracias por ellas.

  3. Love the photos! Yes, I would love to see these flowers in miniature. And thank you for sharing them with us, Janice.:)

  4. Janice, I love the pictures! I love plants! Next to leaves, fruits have to be my next favourite part of a plant! :) Never seen a white aubergine before too and that pitcher plant, I will want one of those pitcher to preserve as a mini jug for my doll's house.

  5. I know of this infamous fair (infamous cos I'm, allergic to all peppers!!) lol)

    What fabulous photo's!!!! The grape vine must be very old given the size that it is and that fig (the one with the fabulous trunk) has been just as old! I love this...a mini in this would be a feast for the eyes! The pods (I can't for the life of me remember their proper name), the larger ones capture small mammals and 'absorb' them (hideous!!)! I wouldn't want to own even the small ones of these, they still absorb insects! lol

    You must have had a great day all in all! :o)

    Michelle xxx


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