Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Cauldron Dilemma......

Here you can see why I am spending a lot of time thinking about cauldrons.......
I want to be able make this tower!!!
When I was very young we used to make heads by paper mache-ing balloons. Lots of newspaper and flour and water for glue. When the 'head' was thick enough and fully dried we would prick the balloon and be left with the shape we wanted.
Just like this...
I will use tiny water balloons and blow them up into different sizes, apply the paper mache, make lots of cauldrons and create the tower!
I will also try the balloon trick with air drying clay too. 
Then today while I was mulling it all over I thought of.... Surely I can use the cast iron cauldrons I already have as moulds?
Plus I have a consignment of ping pong balls arriving tomorrow. 
Ho, hum paint all the wood work and then begin to play!


  1. Ha haha... una torre de calderos? Suena genial!
    Un abrazo

  2. Well I share your pain in trying to find the right 'thing'. When I was looking for items that could be used for my vats, believe me when I tell you, I almost had the house upside down looking for something to cover and/or something that could go into the oven if I covered the thing in fimo. I did consider air drying clay too.

    The good thing with this kind of paper mache is that it will be very light. You can apply matt varnish after you have painted them to give them added strength. You could have opted for cheap metal mini cauldron's but they will be weighty.

    The ping pong balls can be painted straight as they are or you could also embellish them with fimo for texture (you could try one in the oven!) and add the feet and handles so they look more like cauldron's.

    You will get there in the might have to have a few false starts but it will be worth it.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog post. :o)))

    Michelle xxxx

  3. I love this tower, it would be fabulous in miniature. The tiny water ballon idea sounds fab :0)
    Julia xxx

  4. You already have the key to many ways to do the cauldron! I'm sure you have a cauldron tower as beautiful as the photo!

  5. Janice, I'm sure you'll be able to make them from paper mache. Good Luck with all the paper and glue..
    Also the link you have to Miss Sally World via your picture, is not the correct link. Sally has changed her web site details as the old one has been stolen/hacked..

  6. I was thinking of fishing bobbers. They have a band around the middle. You could cut the very tops off, glue jewelry jump rings on the sides for the handles, and use beads for the feet. Then spray paint the whole thing flat black.

  7. what a fab idea!!!! i have been looking for just one Cauldren the right i'll try this!! thank you!!! We used to do this too when i was little...never related it to minis though...dunno why i never thought of it before lol :D Linda x

  8. la idea del globo y el papel mache es muy buena y seguro que salen unos calderos geniales.
    un abrazo

    the idea of ​​the balloon and paper mache is very good and certainly leave a great cauldrons.
    a hug

  9. Great idea, sounds like fun! A lot cauldrons to make but I am sure the tower will be looking great:)

  10. Can't wait to see your project finished. I'm usually not into witchy things but this cauldron "tower" looks fantastic.

  11. I'm usually not into witchy things but this cauldron "tower" looks fantastic. Can't wait to see your miniature version.

  12. oooooh, a TALL order indeed :). I will be watching your progress of course. I too have a pair of cast iron cauldron salt and pepper set. Never used them for salt and pepper because they look like they are rusting. Rusty things are only good for minis, never for real life !

    I think both the papier mache and the ping pong method can work because they are both light.


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