Thursday, 22 September 2011

Woo Hoo, New Beginnings.....The Cauldron Shop

After the grand sort out it is time to start work on my second shop, Potage's Cauldron Shop. I am using Sid Cook's small Georgian shop. Despite all the things about their kits that drive me mad, I do like the dimensions of these kits.
 Just two small rooms but I have cut a chunk out of the ceiling of the upper story. I have done this to create a storage ledge for items that cannot be fitted into the shop. This will also be a good place to light up.
 The ground floor will be the main cauldron display area. I am going to try and create a number of open fireplaces in which to hang my bubbling cauldrons. On the back wall there will be an arched false door and a large hearth/range. I am going to have a go at making both of these too.......
 Upstairs I want to create a wizarding kitchen shop with brassware, teapots, floo powder and china. I also have this idea of a sleeping shop owner all snuggled up in front of the fire
 This is an unfinished Bespaq fireplace. I have taken the insert out and placed it on the mantle for a double fireplace, I think it could look quite quirky.
All the fireplaces will be red brick lined but I don't think I am going to have individual hearths as this might look a bit too heavy. The ground floor is going to be quarry tiled so I am hoping this will look ok.
The walls will be a 'wattle and daubed' both inside and out and kept quite simple as it is a small shop. 
I was getting a little obsessive about the film set of the shop but have finally decided to go my own way with a dash of inspiration of course!
Ooooo it feels so good to be back!
Had word from my number three child who I have just packed off for his first year at university. He has joined three societies today: football, surfing pong.......hmmmmm the mind boggles!!!!   


  1. I am assuming this is the same kit I used for Sugar Plums? It's the only other small Georgian kit I know they do. I haven't had to opportunity to need any of the unfinished Bespaq, but it opens loads of other options and I'd like the try and find a need to have some!

    I was going to create a mezzanine floor in sugar plums, but just not enough I'm having a high up shelf like you, but one that I'm attaching as I need the floor intact.

    It's far easier and better to go with your own ideas rather than to nail every single detail of the shops in the films/photo's. Will drive you mad! lol

    I'm still clearing out stuff, so no mini work for me, so I'm watching you! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  2. Love new projects and I'm sure this will be as stunning as the rest of your work. Getting back into minis is definitely helping to cope with all life throws at us x

  3. I love the start of a new project and it's great to hear all your ideas. I like the Bespaq fireplace too - I've got one of those waiting in the wings!

    "Beer pong"? Hmm! I've come across a "beer bust" (where free beer was drunk) but beer pong - do you really want to know? Ha ha!

  4. I think the Cauldron Shop will be fabulous!

  5. I see brilliance happening here LOL. I can't wait to see this shop come together.


  6. I think that 'going your own way' but being inspired by the work of others is a good compromise. Anyway, mini projects to have a way of taking on a mind of their own don't they and so often end up quite different to what we started out imagining.

    From one student to another good luck to number 3 child on his university adventures - I'm afraid to ask what 'beer pong' is ...

  7. me gusta el planteamiento de este proyecto, la repisa superior es una muy buena idea, estare a la espectativa para ver los resultados.
    un abrazo

    I like the approach of this project, the top shelf is a very good idea, I will be their breath to see the results.
    a hug

  8. I love the look of that fireplace Janice , very clever! Excited to see a new shop starting, always fun! I tend to do my own versions of the Potter projects too, much easier that way! Kate xxx

  9. Thanks ladies, I am sooo happy in my little room at the moment. The peace and quiet is marvellous and I can spread out and not have to clear away unless I want to.
    Most of all I don't have my children bringing their friends into my little room and saying: " And this is where my Mum lives," they are at the zoo!!!!


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