Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Cauldron Shop.......And a New Hat For an Old Friend....

I have completed a little more on The Cauldron Shop interior including laying these wonderful oak floorboards. I bought them at the Kensington Dolls House Fair last December with this project in mind, and I am so glad I did! They come in 12 inch lengths to be cut to size. I chose a three quarter inch width strip and cut them into 4 inch lengths. They cut very nicely and have the most gorgeous grain. I wanted them slightly darker so I wiped a dark oak over them and the grain shows through even more.
 I bought them from Wood Supplies a fabulous company who specialise in wood for miniature projects. 
 I have laid them in the upper section of the shop. Including an attic/storage area for under the roof. I am not sure how this will work out once the roof is on but at the very least it will provide an extra dimension.
 I have also started lining the walls and ceilings. I have started this before adding all the wood features because it takes so long to dry. Days and days! Hopefully I will be able to work round this and begin placing the wood bit by bit now that it has all been stained and distressed.
I am lining the walls in a favourite of mine. It's called Paper Perfect and it is supposed to be for turning normal paper into mulberry-esque paper. Essentially it is paint with paper mache. You have to paint glue onto the walls first and then add the mache mix. 
The main drawback is it takes so long to try.
When I was making room for my Diagon Alley projects I moved my older shops upstairs into my son's room. As I was tidying up I saw some gaps on the shelves of my Design Shop.
This coincided with the discovery of this wonderful Etsy Shop. Luned2010 sells the most beautifully made hats and chocolates.
 When I saw this little set I knew it was perfect for my shop display.
 It fits well on the table top......
......bit that middle shelf is crying out for a stylish bag!
Then this project will be finished! Hooray!!!
One down, 15 to go!!


  1. Janice, you could try putting your building near a hot suuny window (seeing its going to be so hot for 3 more days) or if it turns cold a radiator given it's not paperclay nor art mache. It will speed things up. :o))

    Don't forget to sand you door down to get over the fab floorboards!

    You will have a gap at the top of your shop if you don't fit that funny little bit (see my kit) along the top front. You still have enough of your loft floor to attach it, BUT it will obscure the look that it has at present. Hmmm not sure how to get round it.

    I will respond to your comment on my blog too, about the fancy front part...I have an idea or two for it.

    Michelle xxxx

  2. Oooh I LOVE you wood floors! They are gorgeous!!!

    What a beautiful shop!!! I love the hat and purse you bought. Thank you for sharing the links. :-) Catherine XXX

  3. excelente!!! me encanta, que buen trabajo!!

  4. Wonderful progress you are making on your Cauldron shop, I like the texture of the Paper Perfect.
    The new hat is beautiful and how nice to be almost finished with a project ;)


  5. The disign shop is fantastic: The details are perfetct.
    Bye Faby

  6. The walls look great , so worth all the effort! And LOVE those floorboards, I hope whoever made them is at KDF at Chrismtas, Id like to get me some of those! Cute hats, feels funny to get a project finished dosnt it.....I think ive only ever done it once he he with the Alice roombox....saying that its still minus the dolls! xxx

  7. The shop is getting amazing! I loved the hat!

  8. Que buen aspecto tiene tu proyecto, seguro que te quedará precioso. Me ha encantado la tienda de bolsos, cuantos y que bonitos. Besos, Angela.

  9. These floor boards look great - I must check them out!

    I didn't know about your hat shop - it's lovely and the new hat fits in very well.

  10. The wood flooring looks great. The hat and bag are wonderful. The look great in the shop.
    Hugs Maria

  11. Seguro que tu nuevo proyecto te quedará precioso,seguiré visitandote para ver los avances. La tienda es preciosa, muchos bolsos y muy bonitos.Besos, Angela.

  12. The great weather we are having has certainly helped with the drying!

    The guy will certainly be at KDF. They do sell on line but I found the catalogue way too confusing! Much better to see the pieces.

  13. Your designshop looks wonderful!!

    I would love to go shopping there!

    Greetings, Karin.


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