Sunday, 18 September 2011

What Have I Done This Summer? A Weasley Shadow Box.......

 It has been a very busy Summer in my house what with a new puppy and the return of my two oldest children from their respective universities and trips to Europe. Then we had to wait for the A level results of my youngest son. Made even more nail biting by the strength of his offer and the awful prospect of having to re-apply in the year the fees would treble.
I am pleased to say that all his hard work and complete dedication paid off and he was a real star. On Friday we moved him in to his lovely halls at Manchester University where he will be studying Ancient History. 
 Amongst all the general chaos I spent some lovely craft time with my daughter creating a Ron Weasley shadow box. I was asked to help create something as a present for her friend, who has had a very traumatic few months, for her 21st birthday This friend is very creative and crafty so their while group were all going to make her something individually. 
Of course my daughter thought, I know I'll ask Mum........
 Her friend is a Harry Potter fan and her favourite character is Ron, so we came up with a Ron Weasley study corner somewhere in Gryffindor.
Like all of us I have many bits and pieces that are ideal for a small project tucked away in drawers and boxes so we had a good sort through for Weasley-esque items.
 A broken wand, a naughty rat, a ginger cat, lots of internet browsing and we had the bare bones.
 The roll-top desk is a very cheap bare wood piece that we crackled and then highlighted with my rub 'n' buff favourite gold. I bought the desk from Maple Street Miniatures, who have a nice range of unfinished furniture. The books are mostly made up by me or come from basic little sets you can buy from dolls house shops in packets.
 The scales are from Streets Ahead I think but very brassy, so we have aged and dulled them. Can you see Ron's rat? He is one of Mag's and just perfect for the scene. Now I will have to buy another one of course!
Ron must have a family photograph above his desk in a frame we aged and distressed. 
 A bottle of pumpkin juice which is a first attempt of an item I am planning for my Diagon Alley project. The green bottle is from Ray Storey, the label I found on the internet and the pumpkin topper is one of a number I asked the wonderful Lory to make for me. It was a little rushed but you get the idea.
 Lots of printies plus Ron's broom that we sort of steampunked just to make it a bit funky.

 Another of Ray's beautiful hand blown glass bottles, this time full of Butterbeer from Hogsmeade.
The shadow box is actually two deep picture frames glued together. I saw them in Sainsbury's a while ago at half price and like all good crafters I bought them with this type of project in mind.
Where the two frames joined we placed a strip of parchment with various Gryffindor and Ron quotes and then spray varnished the whole frame.
It was lovely working with my daughter, who followed all instructions and guidance wonderfully. A far cry from when we used to finger paint!! 


  1. What an excellent gift for your daughter's friend. It's great - there's so much detail and yes, you've both come a long way from finger painting!

  2. I absolutely love this Janice, and you say you have been busy with family! Well I am most impressed that you found the time! :o))

    I think shadow boxes are a fantastic idea if one has little space, but still want's to do a particular theme. I think this is a route I will have to take when I run out of space for more shops and houses.

    I'm hoping to reply to you later...but bath, hair wash and Downton Abbey call too! lol

    Michelle xx

  3. Wow its wonderful. The details are great. I am sure your daughters friend will be delighted with this. I love the broom. Congratulations to you both. Also congratulations to your son. Hugs Maria

  4. LOVE it! It's given me so many good ideas for my own Harry Potter Vignette/Cloche/Hopefully soon to be dollhouse! After seeing your shadowbox, I may go that route. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Thank you ladies. It was such fun to be working with my daughter. These small projects are a great way to use up odds and ends and practice with different mediums. If you make a mistake it's not a whole day down the pan you simply hide it!!

  6. I WANT IT!!!! Seriously gorgeous mini Janice. Only yesterday I was thinking of you and wondering if the new pup had made your hobby come to a halt, but how wrong was I,! there you are beavering away at such a wonderful project! Im sure she will love it, if she has no room for it, Ill have it lol!! The pumpkin juice is great, love it, and the little pic. I must get me one of those desks i think its lovely! Kate xxx

  7. Dear Janice, the Weasley Shadow Box is awesome! I loved.

  8. This project is great fun, full of wonderful details.

    Congrats to your son on his university entry and good luck to him with his studies!

  9. I LOVE IT! So many details, so many beautiful thing to see... It's a wonderful work! The little family pic is lovely ♥

  10. ¡Que escena más completa!! ¡Muy bonita!!

  11. What a Wonderful project and what a treat working with your daughter. Awesome!!!


  12. Wow,Janice,I'm totally thrilled about this box ! It's so great how many beautiful things you packed in this little scene,everywhere is something to shout out "OH " ! :-) You did a wonderful job and your daughters friend must be very lucky with this. Jeannette xxx

  13. Janice, what a great 21st present, for your Daughter's friend. I bet she is thrilled, I know I would be.
    Like you, our Summer has been pretty hectic. So pleased to hear that your youngest got into University, I wish him every success..x

  14. It's lovely to see a post from you Janice, I had been wondering how you are :) Your shadow box is wonderful and a fabulous way of having family time and enjoying your hobby aswell :0)
    Julia xxx

  15. I love the box Janice! What a special present. Wondered what you had been up to. Hope Lily has settled now. Shame about Miniatura this time. I am having a table this time, but will see you at Kensington hopefully!!! Jain x


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