Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Work of Joy Cox of Adora Bella Minis.....

When I first started building my houses and collecting miniatures I shied away from doll makers as I really wasn't sure about adding dolls to my scenes. To be honest I found most of the ones I had seen a little scary.
Then I built my first witchy project  at about the same time I came across the characters of Joy Cox of Adora Bella Minis and was completely captivated by her charming characters.
This was the very first character I bought.
I just love their cheery faces and Les Dawson bosoms......showing my age there!
 Then along came another to keep her company.
 Then the perfect herb gatherer for the lady of the house.
 You know you could trust this gatherer's mushrooms.
 I then asked Joy to make me a wizard in pyjamas for a fun twist with a smoking cap and she created this wonderfully eccentric piece.
 Joy always takes great care with her choice of fabrics and materials to make each character truly unique.
Joy's work is highly sought after an all scales and I have not yet been lucky enough to purchase any of her charming children. That is definitely on my To Do List of 2015.


  1. Los muñecos son ideales y la casa me parece maravillosa.

  2. Replies
    1. I am very lucky to have such a collection Isabel.

  3. Your little poeple are so super. Love Joy´s dolls too.

    I´m noticed, I have the same house. That´s funny. It was also my first building set.


    1. I love this house Lotti but it is a monster! I seem to be choosing smaller and smaller houses now!

    2. Yes, Janice, it´s really a Monster. It is under our bed :O).


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