Thursday, 15 January 2015

My Collection of the Work of Julie Campbell Doll Artist

Today I have gathered together my collection of characters by Julie Campbell who creates a whole range of dolls of all types but mine are of course meant for Diagon Alley
 An elderly witch and one who has obviously been making potions.
 A very elegant steampunk witch.
 A very tired Hogwarts student in the Leaky Cauldron.
 This little witch has just visited Flourish and Blotts.
 A mischevious young witch with her first wand.
 A flying witch set to return to Hogsmead.
 The ghostly inhabitant of Flourish and Blotts ready to reach exactly the book you were looking for.
 A traditional wizard up from the country. He is definitely oblivious to Muggle stares!
 Members of the Malfoy family who have done their best to put the past behind them.
 A country boy dreaming of a chance to attend Hogwarts.
Such a pretty little witch waiting for her older siblings to finish choosing their school equipment.
 Definitely another member of the Weasley family. Look at that cheeky grin!
I am lucky enough to be able to attend the two big UK fairs that Julie attends, Miniatura and Kensington, where I can see her wonderful range.
Julie does have an Etsy shop from where it is also possible to buy her dolls.
Julie takes so much care over her sculpts and every doll has its own unique character. 
I hope you have enjoyed looking into my collection again today. I have been working hard again today sorting through all the stuff I seem to have gathered and I can see work tops at last so I am nearly ready to start the big move of the houses.
Tomorrow I am going through all my miniatures that have been set aside for various projects and the really good news is that I think it is all going to fit. 


  1. Lovely dolls...... I have a few by Julie too. Her work is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your collection :)

    1. They are marvellous aren't they Sandra. I hope my houses eventually do them justice.

  2. Another wonderful doll artist - love Julie's work. Lovely to see them again.

    1. I am so glad you are enjoying them Robin.

  3. ¿Pero cuantos personajes tienes en tu colección?

    1. Thank you Isabel. It is lovely to see them altogether.

  4. WOW !! a very nice collection ... Hope you have enough room to display all of them ;) I find it nice to look at my miniatures for inspiration. I'm going to have to build a large display case like yours ...


    1. At the moment they will go in a glass display until I finish off the shops. I am so glad I can now see them rather than have them all tucked away.

  5. A huge cast of interesting characters! I do enjoy seeing your collections.

    1. Thank you Isabelle. I am hoping to get back to work on my houses next week so they get somewhere to live. At least now I can see them.

  6. Hi Janice
    Wow. You have a very fine collection there .
    You will need specious space to display them.
    I love Julie's work too, she is so talented.
    I would like to be as good as she is ....


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